Tuesday, September 13, 2011


What can we do to FREE this innocent little one from captivity?

Why hasn't the media taken more responsibility for assisting Ayn and her family?

Media paid attention to the recent story about the abduction of Kienan Hebert and no doubt played a major role in his safe return. For that and whatever other intervention helped to bring him home, we are all very thankful. Kienan  was returned by his abductor after 1 week and within a couple of days the RCMP have arrested his suspected abductor in Alberta. So hopefully this will not be repeated. Community working together will help ensure the safety and freedom of our children.

For Ayn it has been 90 days of captivity, her basic right as a Canadian child has been stolen by the government service that should be guaranteeing that right and many more she has lost! The reason given for her abduction was because a worker with CPS thought her dad Derek Hoare might be overwhelmed having to care for 3 children, two of whom are autistic. So, without ever observing Ayn in her home environment, where she was doing well, they abducted her from school on June 16.

As would any 9 year old child being taken by strangers, never mind that she was autistic, she put up some resistance being taken from school and to a place she was totally unfamiliar with. Her Daddy was not there to help her. One would have to assume the person responsible for these actions had no knowledge of autism along with the lack of information about how Ayn was doing anywhere but in school on that day!

So Ayn's International Rights as a child have been severly violated https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforayn/doc/161664610573701/ and she has been given a cocktail of drugs that I am guessing no parent would ever approve of https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforayn/doc/185727251500770/

Ayn Van Dyk needs to be home with her daddy & brothers!

There is no unknown suspect in this abduction case. The RCMP do not have to go to another province to find Ayn's abductors. Ayn's safe return to her dad and brothers can happen immediately. It can happen as soon as The Minister of MCFD in British Columbia admits that a mistake has been made. With the information MCFD now has about Ayn, autism and her family life they too must believe like thousands of others that AYN NEEDS TO GO HOME NOW!


Thank you.................

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