Monday, September 5, 2011

How Can I Help Ayn Be Free?

I feel rather helpless as I wish there was something constructive I could do to help Ayn and her family. How in this wonderful country of ours, Canada, can so many smart, creative, caring and industrious people feel so helpless to save a little girl? How can our government continue to hold her captive, drugged into submission?

There is one thing we can all do and that is donate money so that Ayn's dad, Derek Hoare can hire the very best lawyer to help give Ayn back her freedom. For many of us this is easier said than done these days in rough economic times but hopefully we will find ways to raise some funds.

I have an invention that I created to support a little boy with autism and it has helped many children and families in the past 4 years. It is helping kids with autism and kids who are not autistic so that they will be eating a healthier diet ~ it is working too. You can read testimonials from parents, teachers, a child psychiatrist who specializes in autism, an OT, a psychologist and many more at .

You can see pictures of The Eating Game components and read how they work at

For the month of September I will donate $15 to Ayn's Freedom Fund for every Make It Yourself (MIY) Kit that is ordered for shipment in Canada and the USA. You can order your kit at .

Give your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend a gift that will keep on giving every day. Give them a game they say is fun and where they are winners every day.  Buy one for your community support group to loan to families to try before they get their own. Buy one for your local Children's Hospital feeding clinic or your favorite OT. Buy one for your local school.

At the same time you will be giving a second gift of $15 to Ayn's Freedom Fund. Only 25 days left to place your order.

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