Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who Is Visiting This Blog?

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To date we have had 1,138 visitors here from 6 continents, 23 countries and 413 cities.

For those of us who are following Ayn's story day by day (today is Day 101 of her captivity since being abducted from school) we continue to be astounded to find out that this horrific situation Ayn and her family are in is not specific to British Columbia, Canada. It is not specific to Canada and would seem to be an international concern. I am not referring to those many children who need Child Protection Services; who need to be rescued from environments of severe neglect and abuse. Ayn was not in need of protection and should never have been taken from her family. If any help was needed it was for the school Ayn attended.

It would appear that too many children are being abducted that don't need protection and Child Protective Services are not forthcoming with their reasons for taking these children captive and placing them in more danger. In Ayn's case she is in far more danger being heavily drugged, taking a cocktail of drugs that most parents would never consider. She is in danger by not having adequate supervision in the foster "care" environment. She is in danger because her caregivers are not knowledgeable about autism or Ayn's needs as a child with autism. She is in danger because she is back in the same school that she had to be forcibly removed from on June 16, 2011.

We are all desperately trying to understand. Because we don't know why this is happening to Ayn we are left guessing at reasons and coming up with some pretty plausible explanations. Some are guessing the motivation is related to financial gains - the big pharma companies? government officials and employees? foster parents? Do you have any thoughts as to why this is happening, who might be benefitting and how?

If this is the way governments are going to respond to the requirements for support for children with special needs then we need to be very concerned, very aware and very attentive to what is happening in our communities. We must make sure others are aware.

Would you consider leaving a comment here to share with others where you live and if you know of similar stories to Ayn happening in your community. This practice needs to stop, innocent children should not suffer like this, families should not be torn apart by government agencies claiming to "care" and "protect". We can all help increase awareness and stop this practice. Invite others to read this blog. Thank you.

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