Thursday, September 8, 2011


You may have read the title above and answered "no" to the question, if so I am sorry for any pain you endure not knowing where your child is. Fortunately the majority of parents know where their child is. They know how they are doing and if they are ill or injured they are able to be of comfort and care for their child. They are able to laugh and play with their child, read to them, hug them and tuck them in safely at night. Most parents and children enjoy the freedom to live their lives together, enjoying the good times and managing in the tough times. They are free to be able to love and care for each other.

Derek Hoare enjoyed the freedom to be able to do this with his two sons and daughter until June 16, 2011. On that day this freedom was stolen from them all by the Ministry of Child and Family Development in British Columbia, Canada. On this day Derek's 9 year old daughter, who is autistic, was abducted from school by a social worker who thought Derek was overwhelmed as a parent of 3 children (2 being autistic). So they took Ayn into custody, having never observed her at home. In custody she was heavily medicated, with a cocktail of drugs most of us would never condone giving to any child; certainly against her father's will.

If you have not already done so, please read the story of what happened on June 16th and since, now 84 days. Derek does not know where his daughter Ayn is living. He does not know how she is other than by report and some pictures. He has not hugged her or even spoken to her. Read the story at

I would like to invite you to join the facebook group that is trying to help any way they can. Perhaps you could help too. We must figure out how to make justice prevail and see that this little one is granted her rights and freedom to be home with her daddy and brothers.

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