Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where Is The "care" in This Foster Care

Just when we think this story can not possibly get any more difficult for Ayn and her family we hear that it is much more horrific than we knew. Derek, Ayn's dad tells us today of the following news......................

So shortly before my September 1st hearing I received a phone call from a group member stating "I found Ayn"... surreal feeling to hear those words, as up until then I had no idea where she was. As this story developed over the course of a few days a story unfolded... in disbelief it got ever more concerning. Contact had been made with the mother of a 15 year old foster child in the same home.

I at first learned that Ayn had escaped from the respite home shortly after removal, I am told it was for 30 minutes and the police were called, MCFD's lawyer stated a "couple minutes" at the presentation. I am not sure why I was never informed of this event as it seems to me to be a rather important one.

I then learned that Ayn was not only being watched by young untrained family members of the foster mom, but that the 15 year old herself was tasked with watching Ayn. In fact she was being paid $15 an hour to do it, on the night shift! So this 15 yr old girl who was in care herself in order to get help she needed was instead put to work for the foster family watching Ayn.... and she was administering the medication!

The picture of the home which emerges is one more like a small business than that of a family. Ayn rarely gets out and is kept in a suite downstairs, medicated.

I had no idea what to do or say. The mother of the girl was quite upset and having put her there voluntarily immediately took action to remove her daughter. It was in this confrontation which the recording was made... the foster mother denying much of the claims, but eventually conceding to having the girl watch Ayn but not for the length which the girl claims.

This is a Cole's notes version as I have spoken at length about this with them, I believe this girl.... she has no reason to lie and is far too factual to be lying as the facts wouldn't bear out which they have.

I have spoken with MCFD about this matter and they will not release any information at this time as it is all still "under investigation". I demanded she be moved while this investigation occurred, they refused. They did say they have taken "steps to ensure this won't continue", when I asked what those were I was informed that they had a meeting. I protested this as well, seeing as how I'm sure that a meeting took place prior to placement as well.

As it stands I still have not heard what if any result an investigation has yielded.


  1. This is disgusting. It makes absolutely clear that Ayn's welfare was not the reason for her abduction. This is all about money.

  2. I read Derek's update about 15 hours ago and my mind is still having a hard time processing all the horrible things MCFD has done to this family and this child. It is going to take years to reverse the damage. Sickening.