Monday, September 12, 2011

A Child's Request For Freedom

This little boy signs his letter to the government “Love Musclecast” .  He is begging the government of British Columbia, Canada to “not keep this poor nine year old girl named Ayn” and he is asking this with “love”.  The innocence of a child will never cease to amaze!

Interesting that he begins his letter with the question “Do you know what you need to do Government?” and then says, “That’s right!!” Does this not imply that even this young boy assumes that the government knows what they need to do? Yes, surely they know what they have done is wrong and they can’t fool a child either.
After telling them “ should know better....” he even gives them the solution to the problem “Now change!”
Many of us have been trying to tell those responsible that we realize what they have done, abducting Ayn, is wrong and they need to take her home. I wonder, will they listen to this young man begging for Ayn? Will he amaze them? He is only asking that Ayn be granted what is rightfully hers,  her freedom. And he is asking with "Love".

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