Saturday, September 10, 2011

$1 a Day for Ayn's Freedom Fund

NOTE: Sept 19 There are now 42 members of the $1 a Day Doners who will donate $1 a day to Ayn's Freedom Fund for the remainder of the month of September. This will mean a donation of $862 at the end of the month! Way to go! 12 more donors @ $12 each would bring our total to $1000 for Sept.

It is becoming increasingly more important for us to support Derek Hoare in his tireless efforts to ensure his daughter Ayn will soon again enjoy her freedom and be living at home with him and her brothers. To accomplish this many of us are trying to think of ways to raise funds for Ayn to continue to make sure they have the best legal support.

In this effort we have started a group who will save $1 a day for the rest of this month to see how much we can add to this fund. For many of us, one dollar a day will be a painless effort, for others it will mean great sacrifice. One advantage of doing this is that it becomes a daily effort to keep us focused on what we can do to help. If we actually put $1 in a container every day, Ayn and her family will be in our thoughts every day as we do this.

Every little bit counts, every dollar adds up, every positive thought ("here's a contribution to Ayn's freedom) can be powerful. Multiply that by many for AWESOME results!

When I signed off facebook last night there were 2 of us committed to $1 a day until the end of September. When I signed on this morning we were now a group of 12! That means an additional $252 going into Ayn's Freedom Fund on October 1, only 20 days away.

For info about Ayn's Freedom Fund go to

To get an update on the amount in the fund click on the "GIVE" button.

To make a donation just click on the "GIVE" button in the top right corner of this blog. THANKS!

PLEASE consider joining this group effort, it will cost you $1 a day! THANKS!

$1 a Day Doners

Jean Nicol                                 
Mea A. Jones                                   
Renee Allard
Shelly Williamson                   
Sarah Leary                                      
Laurie Hatton
Victoria Ettinger                      
Jen Travers                             
Nicole Blajaer Biegenzahn
Mandy Pelkie
Tracy Adams Espinola
Michelle Morgan Coole                
Derek Hoare                                     
Uncle Kim                     
Derek's family                
Derek's family                                  
Derek's family
Derek's family                         
Derek's family                                  
Lynda Thexton Willson
Chantale Bitemah          
Sarah Howard                         
Cindy Lou Nickerson
Jeanette Tanner             
Sherilyn Klassen                     
Erika Schron's family
Erika Schron's family    
Erika Schron's family              
Erika Schron's family
Erika Schron's family             
Moy Harries                            
Mark Thexton Willson
Lyn Atkins                                                                              
Marion LeBlanc Wilson
Jeff Harries
Cole Harries
Richard Prettie
Lorena Jacome
Paul Willson
Katrina Valentino

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