Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying times are times for trying.........................

If you are like most of us, making ends meet seems to be an ongoing challenge. So even though you would like to click on the "GIVE" button you just can't. Understood by all.

Maybe you would consider saving what coins you can from now until December 14th. This day will be Ayn's 10th Birthday and some of us have decided we can save til then and donate $10 to Ayn's Freedom Fund as a gift on the 14th. Comment here or leave a message for me on the facebook group page if you would like to join us. It is true $10 doesn't go very far today, although it may be hard to spare, but this way $1 a week maybe we can do. (so in 11 weeks if 1000 people donated $10 each that would certainly help a fund that may help pay hefty legal fees.)

Maybe there is something else you can do to raise some funds to donate. Here are a few ideas that you and your family, friends or neighbors might consider. Please feel free to comment sharing other fundraising ideas.

Thanks everyone............ to quote someone I heard this morning

 "just because you can't do everything,
doesn't mean that you can't do something".

If we all do a little something to help would be awesome!   


Used book sale       Bake sale     Used toy sale     Talent contest     Car wash     Concert    

Dinner Theatre     Guest Speaker     Barbeque     Raffle (something very popular)     Bottle drive

Autism support group donation     Theater show (theatre donation) 
Skating Party (arena donation)     Tournament (every player pays $1)     Lemonade sale    

Coffee Party     Yard Sale     Flea Market table     Starbuck’s Allowance    

Tim Horton’s Allowance     Cost of a pack of cigarettes     Contents of your PayPal Account

Some of our Christmas Gift Money

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