Thursday, September 29, 2011

WHY Is This Happening?

On June 16th in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada,  an MCFD staff social worker visited Derek Hoare and asked him to voluntarily give them custody of his daughter Ayn, who is autistic, as they thought maybe he was overwhelmed having 3 children, 2 with autism. As would any parent, Derek said "no" and he was not overwhelmed.

Note: They did not question his parenting skills or the safety of his children. They did not ask to take his sons. They had never been in the home to observe how well protected the children were, how well cared for they were, how well behaved they were, how loved, loving and happy they were. Apparently this was not important, apparently they don't really care about children.

Ayn van Dyk was abducted by MCFD staff at school on June 16th. School could not handle her so did they take her home - no! They kidnapped her from her father who loved her, provided for all her needs, taught her appropriate social skills in a way school could not and protected her from harm.

MCFD abducted her from school and admitted her to a psychiatric unit in a hospital where they drugged her into submission. With professional advice the hospital determined she did not belong in a hospital. She is not ill, physically or mentally - she has AUTISM! Autism is not a mental disability - it is a neurodevelopmental disorder that not affects 1 in 110 children and 1 in 70 boys. Wouldn't you expect the Ministry of Child and Family Development to be very knowledgeable, understanding and accepting of those with autism? Not so.

MCFD then kept her captive in a foster home, in the basement with 2 extra hired staff. Her dad had no help and was not overwhelmed as CPS social worker thought and provided her with a nice home where she was free to move inside and outside. Dad did not have any help with 3 children, 2 with autism.

Note: A foster parent is paid to look after Ayn; dad wasn’t, he cared for her because he loved her. The foster parent was obviously overwhelmed . MCFD doesn't remove her from the home but finds funds to hire 2 more staff to watch Ayn; who locked in a basement and heavily drugged would not need much "watching".

A social worker who has never visited Ayn's home to see how well she was doing there, takes her from school where they can't help Ayn. Under the guise of "protecting and caring for children" they make Ayn and her family suffer for now 106 days...................... can anyone explain how this even makes sense let alone that they are totally violating Ayn's rights????

Of course Ayn is still heavily drugged on a cocktail of drugs a parent would surly never allow. Please refer to understand why I made the latter statement.

This innocent 9 year old girl, with autism, was taken from her dad, Derek Hoare who loved her, provided for all her needs, taught her appropriate social skills in a way school could not, protected her from harm............MCFD abducted her from school, made her captive in a foster home with a foster parent and 2 more staff (dad had no help and was not overwhelmed as CPS social worker thought)

Note: foster mother is paid to look after Ayn (dad wasn’t, he cared for her because he loved her) and when she is obviously overwhelmed MCFD has funds to hire 2 more staff! A social worker who has never visited Ayn's home to see how well she was doing there, takes her from school who can't help Ayn and makes Ayn and her family suffer for now 106 days...................... can anyone explain how this even makes sense let alone totally violating Ayn's rights????

They have had her in custody for 106 days. Most of these days she was not in school. Now that she is in school (why, this writer is not sure) they asked a judge to keep her for 45 more days to do an assessment. Criminals are remanded to custody for 30 days for assessment - surely this child would take priority - she did not commit any crime!

How can we as Canadians allow our children (yes, there are many more) to be mistreated this way? How can Canada, one of the countries that ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child this to continue? How can Canadian court of law continue to penalize the victim’s of the crime instead of the perpetrators?

Some more questions that require an answer...............

Did you know that Child Protective Services (in its many forms; probably globally) would have this kind of power? How do you feel about this?

Why isn’t every autism society, organization, support group, advocate and therapist publicly  supporting this little girl and her family?

Why isn’t every format of national media all over this story?

Why isn’t every parent who has a child with special needs screaming about this story and supporting this family as they fight to be reunited?

WHY Is This Happening?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying times are times for trying.........................

If you are like most of us, making ends meet seems to be an ongoing challenge. So even though you would like to click on the "GIVE" button you just can't. Understood by all.

Maybe you would consider saving what coins you can from now until December 14th. This day will be Ayn's 10th Birthday and some of us have decided we can save til then and donate $10 to Ayn's Freedom Fund as a gift on the 14th. Comment here or leave a message for me on the facebook group page if you would like to join us. It is true $10 doesn't go very far today, although it may be hard to spare, but this way $1 a week maybe we can do. (so in 11 weeks if 1000 people donated $10 each that would certainly help a fund that may help pay hefty legal fees.)

Maybe there is something else you can do to raise some funds to donate. Here are a few ideas that you and your family, friends or neighbors might consider. Please feel free to comment sharing other fundraising ideas.

Thanks everyone............ to quote someone I heard this morning

 "just because you can't do everything,
doesn't mean that you can't do something".

If we all do a little something to help would be awesome!   


Used book sale       Bake sale     Used toy sale     Talent contest     Car wash     Concert    

Dinner Theatre     Guest Speaker     Barbeque     Raffle (something very popular)     Bottle drive

Autism support group donation     Theater show (theatre donation) 
Skating Party (arena donation)     Tournament (every player pays $1)     Lemonade sale    

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Tim Horton’s Allowance     Cost of a pack of cigarettes     Contents of your PayPal Account

Some of our Christmas Gift Money

Who Is Visiting This Blog?

If this is your first visit to our blog, WELCOME and we hope you will return often. If you have been here before, thanks for returning and please come back again.
To date we have had 1,138 visitors here from 6 continents, 23 countries and 413 cities.

For those of us who are following Ayn's story day by day (today is Day 101 of her captivity since being abducted from school) we continue to be astounded to find out that this horrific situation Ayn and her family are in is not specific to British Columbia, Canada. It is not specific to Canada and would seem to be an international concern. I am not referring to those many children who need Child Protection Services; who need to be rescued from environments of severe neglect and abuse. Ayn was not in need of protection and should never have been taken from her family. If any help was needed it was for the school Ayn attended.

It would appear that too many children are being abducted that don't need protection and Child Protective Services are not forthcoming with their reasons for taking these children captive and placing them in more danger. In Ayn's case she is in far more danger being heavily drugged, taking a cocktail of drugs that most parents would never consider. She is in danger by not having adequate supervision in the foster "care" environment. She is in danger because her caregivers are not knowledgeable about autism or Ayn's needs as a child with autism. She is in danger because she is back in the same school that she had to be forcibly removed from on June 16, 2011.

We are all desperately trying to understand. Because we don't know why this is happening to Ayn we are left guessing at reasons and coming up with some pretty plausible explanations. Some are guessing the motivation is related to financial gains - the big pharma companies? government officials and employees? foster parents? Do you have any thoughts as to why this is happening, who might be benefitting and how?

If this is the way governments are going to respond to the requirements for support for children with special needs then we need to be very concerned, very aware and very attentive to what is happening in our communities. We must make sure others are aware.

Would you consider leaving a comment here to share with others where you live and if you know of similar stories to Ayn happening in your community. This practice needs to stop, innocent children should not suffer like this, families should not be torn apart by government agencies claiming to "care" and "protect". We can all help increase awareness and stop this practice. Invite others to read this blog. Thank you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

~ DAY 100 ~


Friday, September 23 marks 100 days since this beautiful nine-year-old autistic girl was taken from her loving home and family. Since that day, she has been hospitalized, drugged with psychotropic drugs, wandered away from her foster home, and was at times being looked after and medicated by a 15-year-old foster child in the same home. She is allowed to see her mom, Amie, only a few hours per week.

Something is very wrong with our child "protection" system if the powers that be consider the "care" Ayn has received since being taken is anywhere near the quality that her own father, Derek Hoare, has provided for her since her birth. This girl deserves to go home.

by Sarah Leary

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where Is The "care" in This Foster Care

Just when we think this story can not possibly get any more difficult for Ayn and her family we hear that it is much more horrific than we knew. Derek, Ayn's dad tells us today of the following news......................

So shortly before my September 1st hearing I received a phone call from a group member stating "I found Ayn"... surreal feeling to hear those words, as up until then I had no idea where she was. As this story developed over the course of a few days a story unfolded... in disbelief it got ever more concerning. Contact had been made with the mother of a 15 year old foster child in the same home.

I at first learned that Ayn had escaped from the respite home shortly after removal, I am told it was for 30 minutes and the police were called, MCFD's lawyer stated a "couple minutes" at the presentation. I am not sure why I was never informed of this event as it seems to me to be a rather important one.

I then learned that Ayn was not only being watched by young untrained family members of the foster mom, but that the 15 year old herself was tasked with watching Ayn. In fact she was being paid $15 an hour to do it, on the night shift! So this 15 yr old girl who was in care herself in order to get help she needed was instead put to work for the foster family watching Ayn.... and she was administering the medication!

The picture of the home which emerges is one more like a small business than that of a family. Ayn rarely gets out and is kept in a suite downstairs, medicated.

I had no idea what to do or say. The mother of the girl was quite upset and having put her there voluntarily immediately took action to remove her daughter. It was in this confrontation which the recording was made... the foster mother denying much of the claims, but eventually conceding to having the girl watch Ayn but not for the length which the girl claims.

This is a Cole's notes version as I have spoken at length about this with them, I believe this girl.... she has no reason to lie and is far too factual to be lying as the facts wouldn't bear out which they have.

I have spoken with MCFD about this matter and they will not release any information at this time as it is all still "under investigation". I demanded she be moved while this investigation occurred, they refused. They did say they have taken "steps to ensure this won't continue", when I asked what those were I was informed that they had a meeting. I protested this as well, seeing as how I'm sure that a meeting took place prior to placement as well.

As it stands I still have not heard what if any result an investigation has yielded.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


She was abducted by CPS because she has autism and they felt she was a burden to her family. They thought her dad must have been overwhelmed having 3 children to care for, two who have autism.

Many parents can relate to this, that is having 3 or more children with more than 1 having autism. Do they have to fear a CPS custody battle? Who knows, perhaps so, if this practice is not stopped now!

Would I be correct in saying many parents who have only 1 child with autism can relate to be overwhelmed by times as a parent? Is this true for parents who do not have children with autism? I believe so. Should all parents then be wary of CPS deciding they need to take their child into custody?

Do you think if your child was being forcibly removed from their school classroom by strangers (no parent in sight) that they might be resistant and create a struggle? Why wouldn't they? Do we not teach our children to never go with strangers?

How would you then feel about your child then being given a cocktail of drugs by her abductors, we assume so your child could be sedated and kept calm? Oh and this would be drugs not recommended for children that had these side effects .

Could this be your child?

She is innocent of any crime and so are her parents. She has been in custody for 91 days without being able to plea her case for her freedom and rights as agreed to by Canada in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Do what you can today to help this little girl and her family and continue efforts to ensure no other children and families suffer as she has. Read other blog posts here. Read some of the documents listed in the "Links" on this site. Decide today what YOU can commit to do. It is said that it takes a community to raise a child. We live in a global community today and this is a global issue.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


What can we do to FREE this innocent little one from captivity?

Why hasn't the media taken more responsibility for assisting Ayn and her family?

Media paid attention to the recent story about the abduction of Kienan Hebert and no doubt played a major role in his safe return. For that and whatever other intervention helped to bring him home, we are all very thankful. Kienan  was returned by his abductor after 1 week and within a couple of days the RCMP have arrested his suspected abductor in Alberta. So hopefully this will not be repeated. Community working together will help ensure the safety and freedom of our children.

For Ayn it has been 90 days of captivity, her basic right as a Canadian child has been stolen by the government service that should be guaranteeing that right and many more she has lost! The reason given for her abduction was because a worker with CPS thought her dad Derek Hoare might be overwhelmed having to care for 3 children, two of whom are autistic. So, without ever observing Ayn in her home environment, where she was doing well, they abducted her from school on June 16.

As would any 9 year old child being taken by strangers, never mind that she was autistic, she put up some resistance being taken from school and to a place she was totally unfamiliar with. Her Daddy was not there to help her. One would have to assume the person responsible for these actions had no knowledge of autism along with the lack of information about how Ayn was doing anywhere but in school on that day!

So Ayn's International Rights as a child have been severly violated and she has been given a cocktail of drugs that I am guessing no parent would ever approve of

Ayn Van Dyk needs to be home with her daddy & brothers!

There is no unknown suspect in this abduction case. The RCMP do not have to go to another province to find Ayn's abductors. Ayn's safe return to her dad and brothers can happen immediately. It can happen as soon as The Minister of MCFD in British Columbia admits that a mistake has been made. With the information MCFD now has about Ayn, autism and her family life they too must believe like thousands of others that AYN NEEDS TO GO HOME NOW!


Thank you.................

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Child's Request For Freedom

This little boy signs his letter to the government “Love Musclecast” .  He is begging the government of British Columbia, Canada to “not keep this poor nine year old girl named Ayn” and he is asking this with “love”.  The innocence of a child will never cease to amaze!

Interesting that he begins his letter with the question “Do you know what you need to do Government?” and then says, “That’s right!!” Does this not imply that even this young boy assumes that the government knows what they need to do? Yes, surely they know what they have done is wrong and they can’t fool a child either.
After telling them “ should know better....” he even gives them the solution to the problem “Now change!”
Many of us have been trying to tell those responsible that we realize what they have done, abducting Ayn, is wrong and they need to take her home. I wonder, will they listen to this young man begging for Ayn? Will he amaze them? He is only asking that Ayn be granted what is rightfully hers,  her freedom. And he is asking with "Love".

Saturday, September 10, 2011

$1 a Day for Ayn's Freedom Fund

NOTE: Sept 19 There are now 42 members of the $1 a Day Doners who will donate $1 a day to Ayn's Freedom Fund for the remainder of the month of September. This will mean a donation of $862 at the end of the month! Way to go! 12 more donors @ $12 each would bring our total to $1000 for Sept.

It is becoming increasingly more important for us to support Derek Hoare in his tireless efforts to ensure his daughter Ayn will soon again enjoy her freedom and be living at home with him and her brothers. To accomplish this many of us are trying to think of ways to raise funds for Ayn to continue to make sure they have the best legal support.

In this effort we have started a group who will save $1 a day for the rest of this month to see how much we can add to this fund. For many of us, one dollar a day will be a painless effort, for others it will mean great sacrifice. One advantage of doing this is that it becomes a daily effort to keep us focused on what we can do to help. If we actually put $1 in a container every day, Ayn and her family will be in our thoughts every day as we do this.

Every little bit counts, every dollar adds up, every positive thought ("here's a contribution to Ayn's freedom) can be powerful. Multiply that by many for AWESOME results!

When I signed off facebook last night there were 2 of us committed to $1 a day until the end of September. When I signed on this morning we were now a group of 12! That means an additional $252 going into Ayn's Freedom Fund on October 1, only 20 days away.

For info about Ayn's Freedom Fund go to

To get an update on the amount in the fund click on the "GIVE" button.

To make a donation just click on the "GIVE" button in the top right corner of this blog. THANKS!

PLEASE consider joining this group effort, it will cost you $1 a day! THANKS!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011


You may have read the title above and answered "no" to the question, if so I am sorry for any pain you endure not knowing where your child is. Fortunately the majority of parents know where their child is. They know how they are doing and if they are ill or injured they are able to be of comfort and care for their child. They are able to laugh and play with their child, read to them, hug them and tuck them in safely at night. Most parents and children enjoy the freedom to live their lives together, enjoying the good times and managing in the tough times. They are free to be able to love and care for each other.

Derek Hoare enjoyed the freedom to be able to do this with his two sons and daughter until June 16, 2011. On that day this freedom was stolen from them all by the Ministry of Child and Family Development in British Columbia, Canada. On this day Derek's 9 year old daughter, who is autistic, was abducted from school by a social worker who thought Derek was overwhelmed as a parent of 3 children (2 being autistic). So they took Ayn into custody, having never observed her at home. In custody she was heavily medicated, with a cocktail of drugs most of us would never condone giving to any child; certainly against her father's will.

If you have not already done so, please read the story of what happened on June 16th and since, now 84 days. Derek does not know where his daughter Ayn is living. He does not know how she is other than by report and some pictures. He has not hugged her or even spoken to her. Read the story at

I would like to invite you to join the facebook group that is trying to help any way they can. Perhaps you could help too. We must figure out how to make justice prevail and see that this little one is granted her rights and freedom to be home with her daddy and brothers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How Can I Help Ayn Be Free?

I feel rather helpless as I wish there was something constructive I could do to help Ayn and her family. How in this wonderful country of ours, Canada, can so many smart, creative, caring and industrious people feel so helpless to save a little girl? How can our government continue to hold her captive, drugged into submission?

There is one thing we can all do and that is donate money so that Ayn's dad, Derek Hoare can hire the very best lawyer to help give Ayn back her freedom. For many of us this is easier said than done these days in rough economic times but hopefully we will find ways to raise some funds.

I have an invention that I created to support a little boy with autism and it has helped many children and families in the past 4 years. It is helping kids with autism and kids who are not autistic so that they will be eating a healthier diet ~ it is working too. You can read testimonials from parents, teachers, a child psychiatrist who specializes in autism, an OT, a psychologist and many more at .

You can see pictures of The Eating Game components and read how they work at

For the month of September I will donate $15 to Ayn's Freedom Fund for every Make It Yourself (MIY) Kit that is ordered for shipment in Canada and the USA. You can order your kit at .

Give your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend a gift that will keep on giving every day. Give them a game they say is fun and where they are winners every day.  Buy one for your community support group to loan to families to try before they get their own. Buy one for your local Children's Hospital feeding clinic or your favorite OT. Buy one for your local school.

At the same time you will be giving a second gift of $15 to Ayn's Freedom Fund. Only 25 days left to place your order.

Friday, September 2, 2011


It is a new day. September 1 did not bring the encouraging results we all expected for Ayn's safe return home to her family. So now we begin to hope and pray for a positive outcome from the resheduled court session on September 26 ~ freedom for Ayn!
I was asking myself, "What is this 'freedom' we speak of?"

The dictionary definition.................
Main Entry: merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law, © 1996 Merriam-Webster, Inc.
Function: noun
1: the quality or state of being free: as a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another c: the quality or state of being exempt or released from something onerous 2: a political or civil right

Is this something we take for granted here in Canada, in North America? Is it that which can be so quickly taken, as happened to Ayn Van Dyk? YES and YES!

How can a happy, safe, well loved and cared for 9 year old child with autism so quickly lose the freedom she has known and has a right to? Plus she has lost the right to oppose her captors by being drugged into submission. All of us are baffled by this crime and how it could be perpetrated by the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development. Their webpage states " The Ministry provides programs and services to ensure that healthy children and responsible families are living in safe, caring and inclusive communities." Ayn Van Dyk had all this with her family; they took it all from her and have been holding her captive, now 78 days, in an environment that in no way is or can meet even her basic needs. She was healthy, safe, cared for and loved by her parents and brothers who miss her very much. She will be again, but at what cost to her and her family?

Okay, so it seems fairly clear then that we as adults, those of us who care, have a duty to see that we get this 'freedom' back that was stolen from Ayn and her family.

I think the saying, from an ancient African proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child." In this modern day it is a global village that needs to step up to this challenge now to ensure Ayn's freedom and that of all children.

We must find ways to tell the true story to everyone in the village.

We must find ways to remain hopeful and positive in our efforts.

We must find ways to raise the funds needed to get Ayn and her family the best legal representation possible.

I believe we can do this, do you?

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This blog is dedicated to Ayn Van Dyk and her father Derek Hoare who have not spoken to nor seen each other for 77 days since she was abducted.

Today, September 1, 2011 in Abbotsford, BC Derek will have his first opportunity to present information to the court. We hope and prayer for a positive outcome from these proceedings.

If you have not already done so, please read an accurate account of this story at

Keep this little one and her family uppermost in your thoughts and prayers today and until her safe return home.