Wednesday, December 7, 2011


by Jean Nicol

Today as I took a moment to change the date and the day number at the top of this Blog I cried.

There is so much sadness surrounding this sweet innocent little girl with the beautiful smile and engaging laugh, who was thriving and so happy at home with her daddy, uncle and brothers until June 16, 2011. Someone deliberately decided to destroy this little girl's life, her spirit. They did this without any knowledge of who she was and how happy she was with her family where life was so good, so promising. All she knows and may never forget is that strangers came to her school. They were fighting with her and took her away and her daddy wasn't there to help her because they didn't ask him to come help her this time as they usually do. Can we even imagine how frightened she was? If not, then imagine how frightened you would be if you can and that would be little compared to her fear.

In an instant her happiness was over.

In an instant her family she loved so much had disappeared and she still does not know why 175 days later.

In an instant this little one with autism was taken from the very safe, comfortable, predictable environment her loving home provided.

In an instant she was drugged into submission.

In an instant she was living with strangers who did not know or understand her, who she was, what she needed, what she enjoyed, how she communicated her needs, wants, fears, hurts and so much more.

Think about this.................... What would you do if this were your child - and it might be one day.

Think about this.................... The Ministry of Children and Family Development who is responsible for all of the above has the power to change all this and take Ayn home, in fact they have said they will do this - they know that is where she should be.

In an instant Ayn could be home again! Why is this not happening?

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