Thursday, December 8, 2011


Blogger's Note:

How can anyone continue to endure such pain? How can anyone continue, without cause, to inflict this kind of pain on another human being, a dad and his daughter?

Thousands are reaching out to Derek Hoare and his daughter Ayn in the hope that they can make a difference and end their pain and suffering. Why can’t MCFD, the BC Government officials see to it that this ends NOW by taking Ayn home to her family where she belongs?

There are too many questions. We need answers and positive action.

Sharing with you Derek's effort today to express his grief ................

I miss her so much, not sure why these past few days have been so emotional, nothing seems to set it off in particular... just washes over you. Or more like it begins in your chest as a tightness and then diffuses throughout you. Comes and goes... and off to a terrible start today.... dreamt of her again, woke very upset, took 10 minutes just to write this.

And why is it that when we are upset, instinctually we hold our breathe, or stop breathing.... and then proceed to gasp when we can

I still hear her voice and I can close my eyes and see her.... this is just a nightmare

..................gonna be a rough day hurts like it was yesterday


weird, I don't really know why it is so potent now either, I think it is because now with the proposal out of the way I have time in front of me, and can see the time behind me, and it is so terrible.... i just miss her so much. And when I am busy doing things to get her home it is like I am with her or distracted or something, and now there is just a void filled with pain


  1. How I pray that this pain and suffering ends very soon.

  2. I pray that Ayn will be home before would be Derek's Christmas miracle and end his agonizing 2011 on a very positive note.

    Victoria Ettinger

  3. Derik, you are a strong man and WILL get through this!! I am here for anything you need and if it is even just a phone call everyday, that is what I will do to help!!!
    Robyn McHattie