Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was thinking about all the kids writing letters to Santa and wondering if Ayn wrote a letter............ I didn't have to ponder long about what she might write. Maybe something like this...............

Dear Santa,

Please Santa help me. I only want 1 thing for Christmas this year; I hope you have time and can maybe find the right person to help you. I have been away from home for 188 days and I don’t know why those people took me from school. They let me go back to school but they won’t let me go home with my Daddy. I know my daddy loves me very much and misses me and can’t come to get me yet. I didn't do anything wrong Santa and neither did my Daddy, why are those people punishing all of us? Please Santa I really want to go home. I miss my Daddy and Mommy, my brothers Wyatt and Lyric, my Uncle Kim and my Grandma. Please Santa will you help me get home for Christmas, home to stay. Thank you Santa.

Love Ayn van Dyk

I wonder if Santa will be able to make this wish come true? Is there anyone out there who works for MCFD who can give Santa some help with this? Can you help Santa make Ayn's Christmas Wish come true?


  1. Marion LeBlanc-WilsonTue Dec 20, 04:22:00 AM 2011

    Please MCFD have a heart for Christmas. Let Ayn come home for for good. She has done nothing wrong and wants to be home with her family. Just think of how good you will feel knowing you did the right thing.

  2. Certainly these people wouldn't keep her away from her family at Christmas, would they? If they do, they are heartless, unfeeling people who care nothing about the children. How cruel and inhumane.

  3. Ayn will be going home it's just a matter of when. Why not just let her go home now and earn some goodwill, MCFD. Heaven knows you need it. - Mea

  4. They will send her home its a matter of who is big enough to take that step?

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