Thursday, December 1, 2011



On December 14, 2011
a very special little girl named Ayn
will celebrate her 10th birthday.

We are ever hopeful that she will be home for that celebration.

To mark this occasion and help with much needed fundraising I am proposing that we all write our birthday wishes to Ayn here in a comment and make a $10 donation to the fund in Ayn's honor.

To make a donation you can click on the "GIVE" button on this blog or

1:) You can  mail cheques payable to Ayn's Freedom Fund to:
Ayn's Freedom Fund
67-13822 102 Ave
Surrey, BC
V3T 1P1

2:) The Fundrazr Donation Page is found here:

3:) Email funds using                    

4:) Or donate directly to the PayPal account at

PLEASE write your birthday wishes and make your donation today. THANKS!

I will later transfer all your comments to one very large card to give to Ayn.


  1. We love and miss you Ayn -- see you soon!! Have a super great birthday! Big hugs from Aunt Moy, Uncle Jeff and cousin Cole

  2. Dear Ayn, I have seen many photos of you when you are happy. Today on your birthday I think you have a big smile on your face. You are TEN years old. Congratulations! from your friend Uncle Ron.

  3. Dear Ayn, My family and I think you every day. My daughter asks about you often. We wish a happy birthday. -Abbi and Arianna

  4. Dear Beautiful Ayn,
    Today is your Birthday and you are now 10 years old. What a big smart girl you are :) On this day you get to wish for everything that you want. May all your wishes come true and know that so many people Love you :)
    Love from Cheryl <3

  5. Dear Ayn,
    My name is Sarah, and my dog's name is Frankie. We heard you are having a birthday and that you are 10 years old now! I wish for you a very happy birthday, and Frankie says, "Woof, woof, woof, aroooo!" That means "Happy Birthday Ayn!" in dog language.
    Much love,
    Sarah and Frankie the dog

  6. Happy Birthday from the Sunshine state Ayn! I think about you and your family everyday, What those Mean people are doing to you is not right. Love you and I hope you're returned to your family soon!

  7. The world has come to know
    a precious girl named Ayn,
    She captured our hearts and inspired us all, and she was only nine!

    This darling young soul has more power
    than she will ever know;
    She has inspired people all over the world,
    to let the true beauty of their hearts,
    thrive and sincerely grow.

    Now that" our" precious girl Ayn
    is soon turning ten,
    We pray for her to have happiness
    that will never, ever end.

    Her journey has been difficult,
    yet she thrived with love and compassion,
    My wish is that the lessons she has taught us, will always be in fashion!

    Happy 10th birthday our darling, beloved Ayn
    You are a true beauty; and with all the love that surrounds you, we know you will be fine!

    Hugs, kisses and birthday wishes,
    Steve, Nicole and Cole Biegenzahn

  8. Dear Ayn,

    You are a special girl who been given a very important mission: Educating the public about honour and equality of human rights!

    I hope that the wishes of you and your beautiful, loving family all come true!!

    Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!!!!!!!!!


    Velvet, mom of Samantha angel

  9. I am hoping and praying you can be home for your birthday! Blessings Ayn! I can't think of any better present to give you!

  10. Have a happy birthday Ayn. Be brave and strong.

  11. Happy Birthday Ayn! As you might know, each of us has one day that we can call special- the day that we were born. When you were born your dad was very happy, and he wanted to give you everything in the world. Most of all though, he wanted you to live in a place where you were safe and loved and free to be yourself. So many people from all over the world are praying for you to have what your father has always wanted for you- to be in a place where you are free to be loved by the people who love you, and free to be yourself. I am praying for that too.
    Happy Birthday Ayn! This is your special day- not just for 2011, but for all the years.

  12. Happy 10th birthday Ayn. You Daddy must love you alot, he made a group on the internet about you so I know what a wonderful girl you are. You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. Keep hoping and remember things will get better. xoxo


    Hang in there, sweetie. You have a family that loves you very very much and a Dad that would cross the world for you. Have a wonderful birthday and know in your heart you will have an even better one when you get home. Where you belong.

  14. Dear Ayn, My daughters and i hope that you have a very happy birthday. We think about you and pray for you and your family every are a very special girl. So many people wish you so much happiness! We all love you very much! XOXOXOX Kathy, kristen, Kaitlyn & Kassandra <3<3<3

  15. Happy Birthday Ayn! I hope you have a wonderful day. Much love to you.

  16. Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Girl,
    Keep on Smiling -
    You Light up the World!

    Happy Birthday, Ayn!
    - Love Mea

  17. Happy Birthday Beautiful Ayn:

    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. I am looking so forward to meeting you.

    Lots of love always and forever <3

  18. Happy 10th Birthday Beautiful Ayn.
    I hope you have a wonderful day. I can hardly wait for the day when I can come and see you.

    Love always and forever

  19. Happy Birthday to a very special and beautiful girl!

  20. Happy 10th birthday to you, Ayn
    I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true!
    Sending a load of love from me and my family!


  21. Happy Birthday Ayn! May that one special wish you have, to come home, be granted.

  22. Happy 10th Birthday Ayn! You are a very special little girl who has a family and many people all over the world who love you. I hope all your birthday wishes come true very soon! Hugs from Aunt Moy's friend, Carol

  23. Happy Bday AYN wow by the pics your dad posts your an awesome child and getting bigger the big 1 0 lol may you get the things you want for your bday keep smiling and godspeed

  24. Happy bithday to the most beautiful girl in the world!

  25. Happy 10th Birthday, Ayn!!! What an exciting day!Sending you love & big hugs all the way from Texas! May all your dreams come true, sweet girl!!
    Much love,
    Stephanie, Jackson, & Jessica

  26. Ayn,

    Ten years ago, a wonderful little baby girl was born. That was you! Today we celebrate your birthday. I hope it will be a very special day, and that you will be very happy as you receive this card. Enjoy your birthday celebrations!

    Love from a friend you haven't met yet,
    Laurie (from Ontario)

  27. Happy Birthday Ayn,
    You are a very popular girl and have so many Birthday wishes coming your way, you have a lot of friends all over the whole world !!!:) I just want to send you my Birthday wish for you to have all your wishes come true very soon <3 *<(:o)!!!!!!!< Love, your friend, Teena (from Florida)

  28. Happy Birthday little brave beauty. May all your wishes come true. Praying you will have your present to be with your dad and family real soon. xox

  29. Marion LeBlanc-WilsonSat Dec 10, 01:10:00 PM 2011

    HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY Ayn....I hope to meet you some day....I've only seen pictures of you and you're such a cutie. I feel like I love you to bits. I hope you have a great day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♥