Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today, Dec 13, Ayn has been in custody for 181 days. She does not understand why she was kidnapped from her family and her family has yet to be given a good reason why ~ only that they thought her dad might be overwhelmed caring for her and her two brothers, one who is autistic like Ayn! By all accounts Derek Hoare is a very good parent. Why has she not been returned to him yet?

There are 12 days til Christmas. Do you think she should be home for Christmas, and home to stay?

PLEASE leave a comment to answer the above question and I will send them daily to MCFD.


  1. Ayn should be home for Christmas, because she is Derek’s child, not MCFD’s, not the foster parent’s, and not the government’s. She's a 10 year old girl whose been kept away from her family far too long. For these people to deprive Ayn yet again of her right to family and happiness is just savage and cruel. Ayn’s life is not a game, but these people are treating her life as if it doesn’t matter. Ayn deserves to be happy for Christmas not having to look out some window wishing for Santa to take her home only to have another wish broken. To not spend Christmas at home is another way for MCFD to punish a child for being but a child. This act is sinister and callous, not only that God sees what one does, and there will be a day and time God will judge them according to their misdeeds in their crooked lives. Ayn should be home for Christmas because that is where she belongs, opening presents with her brothers, mother and father, drinking hot cocoa, singing, laughing and being happy. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Ayn.....................Katrina Valentino

  2. Not only does Ayn belong HOME with her family for Christmas - she should NEVER have been taken in the first place. Help give Ayn a voice: spread the word - we will not stop until there is Justice4Ayn! And I guarantee you - those responsible WILL be held accountable in one way or another! Not only has the fat lady NOT sang yet --- I hear there is someone named KARMA that has a LOT in store for the "criminals" that have torn this family apart (as well as for those in a position to do end this nightmare that have done NOTHING!)

  3. Yes, Ayn should be home for Christmas. No child should have to spend this holiday away from the family that loves her for any reason!

  4. Ayn should be at home on Christmas day, just like she should have been at home every single day over the last six terrible months.

    From the moment of her birth until June 16, 2011, Ayn has been well-fed, well-clothed, well-housed and well-loved. She has always felt safe and been safe in her home. Ayn has a patient, competent, caring, self-sacrificing father who is capable of meeting all her needs, which he has done since her birth. When she is returned home, he will continue to do so.

    -Ayn has not been neglected or abused in any way, which both doctors and MCFD have confirmed.

    -She was never in danger in her home or with her family and it is widely agreed that Derek is an excellent parent.

    -She has been proven to have no psychological disorders or a dual diagnosis as MCFD first thought.

    -Her mother wants her home.

    -Her two brothers want her home.

    -Her father wants her home.

    -Her extended family wants her home.

    -More than 4000 people from all over the world want her home.

    -Ayn wants to be home. She wants to hug her father and have tickle fights with her brothers. She wants to watch Dora the Explorer in her own living room and sleep in her own bed at night with her own blankets covering her and her own toys nearby.

    -There are no logical, moral, ethical or legal reasons why Ayn should not be home with her family right now. This girl, this Canadian citizen, this human being, deserves to be home.

    Send Ayn van Dyk home NOW so she can spend Christmas where she belongs.

  5. I think it should be obvious to anyone who looks - the father is NOT overwhelmed, and it's in the child's best interests to be at HOME and not a foster home.

    Ayn needs to be home. Her family wants her there. She wants to be there. The foster family will probably feel relieved that they don't have to see her away from her family at Christmas.

    And I, myself, would be free to feel content. I feel guilty for enjoying my family knowing that someone else is suffering by being separated. And I'm scared to think that it could so easily happen to me.

    I hope someone has the desire to stand up for what is right in this case.

  6. Why is it so hard for a bureaucrat to admit they have made a mistake? Send this child home and compensate the father for the trauma caused to both the child and himself.

  7. HOME...Ayn's HOME is where she should always be...now and forever. STOP this Atrocity against this little girl and her family. So much Damage has been done since Ayn was removed from her home...Damage to her and her family. Think what it would be like if someone in your family was removed from your custody for such frivilous notions. Frivilous because NO wrong was done to Ayn by her family!!! Please return Precious Ayn to her Precious Family...NOW!!! Ms. Jones

  8. omg YES, YES, AND YES. How can WE see that but THEY can't?

    They know they did wrong but they are too proud to admit it. We the people would like to stop being the price for other people's issues.

  9. This child needs to be home. The father is a good father and was not overwhelmed. The child has wondered off on the foster parents with no penalty. Wandering is not a crime it is a trait of autism. You cant watch your kids every second, even the best parents has to use the washroom or check on a child in another part of the house for 1 min. That's all it takes. This loving family needs to be together. Please return them before Christmas!

  10. I wish I could hope for a Christmas miracle for Ayn and Derek and the rest of their family but somehow I think this is too big for that. It's also so so wrong.

    The saddest part of all is that Ayn is not the only Ayn. Other children with special needs have been removed from their homes in Canada because the relevant Ministry believes that they have a better sense of what that child needs than the loving, involved parents who live and breathe their child's disabiltiy every day.

    Happy birthday, Ayn. May all our prayers soon be answered with your safe arrival home.

  11. This child should be home. She is old enough to understand what is going on. She is heart broken, not being in the environment she has always been in. She can't play with her brothers. She can't see her daddy smile at her over breakfast. She can't be kissed good night by the ones who love her most. Do they not think of the irrevocable damage they have not only caused to Ayn, but to her family? Little Ayn will remember this for the rest of her life. She will have nightmares. She will live in a state of fear. Why? Because she knows what has happened to her now could easily happen to her, or her brother, again. People need to stop treating autism as if it were a crime. This little girl has done nothing wrong. Her father has done nothing wrong. Why can't this child be returned to the family who loves her more than anything in the world? I, too, am sickened by this injustice. Ayn should be home with her daddy for her birthday, Christmas, New Year's Day, and every other single day of the year--forever!!
    Unfortunately, this sort of situation happens all too often in the US and other "civilized" countries. If we call ourselves "civilized", then why in "uncivilized" countries does this NOT happen? We have too much government trying to tell us how to live, why to live, and now what to do with our children. This is not right. "Love conquers all," they say. Well, Ayn and Derek have so much love coming from all over the world that this should have been settled long ago. Why is the love between a parent and their child put through this kind of test? Why is Ayn not home?
    Happy Birthday Ayn. We love you and want you home. Hugs and hugs and hugs!!!
    Ashley Housman, Lakewood, CO, USA

  12. I can not understand why supposedly trained social workers fail to see the love and devotion Ayn's dad has always shown her. One escape from his care is insignificant if you understand the characteristics of many Autistic children and their ability to wander. It is very clear from all I have read that Ayn's father has done a far better job of caring for her than the current custodians who have been grossly negligent. I hope someone in their department can see common sense and release Ayn immediately before any further harm is done to such a fragile child.

  13. Ayn should be home for christmas with her family where every child belongs. I sincerely hope it is not to long before these people realise what a big mistake they have made

  14. This lil girl should be home with her dad and her brothers. As a single mother I raise to 2 children with aspergers syndrome a form of autism and it is so important for these children to feel safe and have the routine if everyday life. So I beg that she is returned to her father and have that routine that helped her grow and become more. No child deserves to be treated the way Ayn has. Her father loves her and would move heaven and earth for her. So PLEASE RETURN AYN.....Love, prayers and total support of a fellow parent of autism.... Mommaof2aspies

  15. Ayn needs to be home before Christmas as she needs her Family who love and care for her and need her as she needs them... not to be stuck with strangers who don't know her and their only way to deal with her is to drug her which was not needed while at home.... The treatment of Ayn and her family has been cruel beyond belief..... RETURN AYN TO HER FAMILY AND MAKE THEIR CHRISTMAS ONE TO REMEMBER!!!!! A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HUGE BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AYN WHO HAS TOUCHED THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD
    Lesley Brownlie

  16. She should be home with the people that love her, that want to be with her, where she wants to be. Her family loves her. She should be released from custody. They have no right. Her family wants to take care of her, so they should have the right. How can they be so oblivious to what they are doing? I really hope she is home for Christmas! Happy Birthday Ayn!

  17. As a single mother of an autistic son, I am outraged. As a human being I am appalled to think that another human being could act as inappropriately as this agency and get away with it. It is inexcusable. Give this child back to her family before you cause her any more harm, and for goodness sake please, I beg of you, do some research on autism and autistic behavior before you remove another child from their stability, you just dont understand how much damage you could potentially do to this little girl.

  18. Ayn should be with her dad and her siblings. No child should be institutionalized. Giving her drugs for no good reason is barbaric. Ayn is not a criminal. She is autistic. She needs to be back with her loving family. Immediately.

  19. Ayn should definitely be at home with her father and siblings...this is all she has ever known and it will confuse her greatly to be separated! God loves her and wants her to be back home, not under Government desires!

  20. Ayn should be home with her family because she is alone, where people don't understand her. They cannot know her needs since every child with autism is different, and only her dad knows her inside and out. She needs love and tenderness that only her family can give. Please let her go home, I cry every time I think of this situation...

  21. cristina maria kassama bagSun Dec 18, 09:41:00 PM 2011

    Yes Ayn must stay together with her family not only Christmas and New Year's celebration but she should come back definitelly and stay forever with her family! ıs not fair anymore for her to lose her important part of life far away from love ones!! For her sake she need to stay with her father who desesperate wants to raise her in good conditions and give dignity back, she needs treatment right now ! To supply her with wrong drugs, is not the way to recover her from autism!! And her father just want to raise her the best way he can do ! I am living so far away, even I am not canadian, I feel deeply sorry for this family!! Ayn must return to her home !

  22. cristina maria kassama bagSun Dec 18, 11:28:00 PM 2011

    I want to continues what I am trying to say as mother of recovery autistic and hyper child, and because we fought so much for this happen become true , the only way to save Ayn from this horrible syndrome is to stay together with her father, we know he is the only one who has potencial to try everything as possible to recover her!! Nobody can do this one for Ayn because she is taking one medication that can destroy her immune system right now, in fact she is raising in wrong hands, that is the reason she is taking such medication! I have a feeling that Derek since is complete opposite for the medication she is taking right now, will try some natural treatment along anothers therapies!! She needs to come back home , she can not heal our health in this condition, there are so many things to do for her and only family can help her !!! I am brazilian but I got sad because of her story!! And many ppl around the world may think same as I do!! Please let Ayn to return where she is belong!!

  23. This question should NEVER had to be asked in the first place. Ayn should have been home all along. This whole tragedy ( and YES it IS a TRAGEDY because a happy and whole family has been ripped apart ) should NEVER had occured. Ayn was not home on her birthday, so let her be home Christmas and let the long road to healing for her and her family begin. Sincerely...Victoria Ettinger

  24. Definitely! To keep her away from her family at Christmas is cruel.

  25. It is frankly beyond belief that a representative of the Ministry has told Derek he can have Ayn back if only would submit to a visitation regime spread over four months, then subsequently withdrew the offer.

    If MCFD deems unsupervised access to start with is not a solid declaration their reasons for removal were wrong, their continued retention is wrong, no-birthday access is wrong, keeping this child from her siblings, aunts, uncles and other family members is wrong.

    How is that a child protection law can be so twisted to cause so much damage? It's Christmas!

    I would love to see the 4,200+ supporters on the doorstep of the social workers involved, surrounding them to ask they why they took and are keeping Ayn in care, and publish this on the news.

  26. Should Ayn be home for Christmas & forever? Most definitely!

    I sent the following email to various members of MCFD & political leaders earlier this week.

    At this time of year, when family is so important, The Ministry of Children and Family Development of British Columbia has been very much on my mind. As a Canadian, and a parent, I appreciate the work you do as the guardians of your province's children in need. The responsibility to be vigilant, and yet just, is truly onerous.

    The issue that has brought you to my thoughts so often is the continuing absence of Ayn van Dyk from her home. As you know, Ayn was taken into care on June 16. Since then, information has come to MCFD displaying that while Ayn was sometimes violent and unco-operative at school, she was doing well at home, for the most part. I also believe that you have come to have a better understanding of Autism. Although it took 45 days to happen, when your autism expert reviewed her file, the recommendation for a 6 week or more Psychological Evaluation at P1 was dropped. Ironically, Ayn's brief elopement on June 12th, the very behaviour that seems to have triggered MCFD's involvement, has been repeated at least twice since Ayn was taken into care. On one of these occasions, you will recall, Ayn climbed out an unlocked window and was found naked in the the streets. This is not surprising as “eloping” is common in autism, and Ayn is highly motivated to get home. I am confident that you have had more than enough time to confirm that this girl has autism, does not require protection, and needs to be returned to her father and brothers.

    Additionally, you should have a new understanding of Ayn's home life before removal, and of her father, Derek Hoare. He is a determined man who will do almost anything for his children. He will not compromise his principles. He will not knowingly do anything to hurt Ayn, including distressing her by visiting and then leaving her when she very much wants to come home. She would not understand and would perceive this as intentful abandonment. Derek has been very patiently negotiating and working with you to try to get Ayn home. I believe that he was asked to present a proposal for Ayn’s care as a pre-requisite to her return. Having reviewed the proposal he submitted, it is my opinion that he did a remarkable job. Further, I believe it should be approved, and Ayn should be returned this very week. At very least, the consulting part of it should be approved, and thus independent experts can meet Ayn & give their feedback about what is best for her.

    It is my understanding that, if new information is received after a child is removed, she can be returned immediately. In addition, if I understand correctly, one or more persons at BC MCFD could make this happen. PLEASE, be that person. Please take the iniative today to make this a reality. Ayn has already missed spending Thanksgiving & her birthday with her family. In truth, she should not have missed any days - not one.

    With the holidays less than a week away, and songs like “I'll Be Home For Christmas” on every station, won't you make this a reality for Ayn, and not just a dream? Please don't keep this child apart from her loving and healthy home because of a developmental handicap. Ayn has autism, but she knows what Christmas is. Ayn has autism, but she knows where her home is and who is waiting for her. Won't you please pick up her file and make the call that will change her life for the better? Won't you please send Ayn home for Christmas and forever?

    Thank you for all the excellent work you do. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

  27. I was wondering if Ayn was mistreated at home?
    Was she left dirty, hungry, ignored. Did they beat her? Why was she taken away except that they think the parents can't take care of her? The family should be told the reason they took Ayn and if there is no other reason than two autistic children in the family, then she should have the right to go home. That is my opinion anyway.

  28. Laura you are correct in that the only reason given so far (in 190 days) is that with 2 autistic children they thought Dad might be overwhelmed. So they took one, Ayn, and left her 2 brothers (1 autistic)because Dad is a good parent, his children have never been mistreated or neglected in any way. They have been well cared for and loved. Ayn certainly has a right to be with her family but her rights have been so violated.