Thursday, December 22, 2011


by Laurie Hatton

Should Ayn be home for Christmas & forever? Most definitely!

I sent the following email to various members of MCFD & political leaders earlier this week.

At this time of year, when family is so important, The Ministry of Children and Family Development of British Columbia has been very much on my mind. As a Canadian, and a parent, I appreciate the work you do as the guardians of your province's children in need. The responsibility to be vigilant, and yet just, is truly onerous.

The issue that has brought you to my thoughts so often is the continuing absence of Ayn van Dyk from her home. As you know, Ayn was taken into care on June 16. Since then, information has come to MCFD displaying that while Ayn was sometimes violent and unco-operative at school, she was doing well at home, for the most part. I also believe that you have come to have a better understanding of Autism. Although it took 45 days to happen, when your autism expert reviewed her file, the recommendation for a 6 week or more Psychological Evaluation at P1 was dropped. Ironically, Ayn's brief elopement on June 12th, the very behaviour that seems to have triggered MCFD's involvement, has been repeated at least twice since Ayn was taken into care. On one of these occasions, you will recall, Ayn climbed out an unlocked window and was found naked in the the streets. This is not surprising as “eloping” is common in autism, and Ayn is highly motivated to get home. I am confident that you have had more than enough time to confirm that this girl has autism, does not require protection, and needs to be returned to her father and brothers.

Additionally, you should have a new understanding of Ayn's home life before removal, and of her father, Derek Hoare. He is a determined man who will do almost anything for his children. He will not compromise his principles. He will not knowingly do anything to hurt Ayn, including distressing her by visiting and then leaving her when she very much wants to come home. She would not understand and would perceive this as intentful abandonment. Derek has been very patiently negotiating and working with you to try to get Ayn home. I believe that he was asked to present a proposal for Ayn’s care as a pre-requisite to her return. Having reviewed the proposal he submitted, it is my opinion that he did a remarkable job. Further, I believe it should be approved, and Ayn should be returned this very week. At very least, the consulting part of it should be approved, and thus independent experts can meet Ayn & give their feedback about what is best for her.

It is my understanding that, if new information is received after a child is removed, she can be returned immediately. In addition, if I understand correctly, one or more persons at BC MCFD could make this happen. PLEASE, be that person. Please take the iniative today to make this a reality. Ayn has already missed spending Thanksgiving & her birthday with her family. In truth, she should not have missed any days - not one.

With the holidays less than a week away, and songs like “I'll Be Home For Christmas” on every station, won't you make this a reality for Ayn, and not just a dream? Please don't keep this child apart from her loving and healthy home because of a developmental handicap. Ayn has autism, but she knows what Christmas is. Ayn has autism, but she knows where her home is and who is waiting for her. Won't you please pick up her file and make the call that will change her life for the better? Won't you please send Ayn home for Christmas and forever?

Thank you for all the excellent work you do. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

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  1. I hope Ayn is given back for Christmas. There is no reason she should be away from her family. God Bless her family in this painful time.