Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Velvet Martin Takes Ayn's Story To Ottawa

Velvet Martin asked Derek today what issues he would like brought forward in future discussions she will have when in Ottawa. This was his response.....................
In Ayn's case in particular I would say the most disturbing thing is how long it took for any expert in her particular diagnosis to address or see her file (autism, 45 days), within hours of removal they had her injected with Ativan and given Haldol, within the following 24hrs Cogentin and Chlorpromazine... with Risperdal and Seroquel soon to follow. All these with no assessment in an unmedicated state, purely reactionary to a very upset little disabled girl who just wanted to go home. 
And even the limited assessment there was (while drugged) was done with no access to me for the doctor who had to determine what to do, simply with what was before him, a frightened autistic child. No investigation into her behaviour in the home was ever done, even to this day.
Another obvious criticism and one which I'm sure the government will love, due to them being able to use it to request additional resources (read taxes) is the wait time associated with child removals throughout the court process, the 7 day limit for a court order is a farce, and any innocent family caught in the maw of this juggernaut will suffer needlessly for months, potentially causing permanent psychological damage, and most certainly altering perceptions of reality forever.
As a side note, I think it important that they understand that most of these actions never result in any criminal charges laid against parents... I for one would have happily endured prison rather than have my child(ren) suffer through this. Yet no charges will ever be laid as I committed no crime, not an hour in jail will be wasted yet they can do this to me and my child(ren) for months and months.... that is criminal, and a clear violation of the charter.
Thank you so much Velvet.


  1. Yes, thank you, Velvet.

    It is absolutely insane that MCFD can swoop in and steal a child from a good and loving home. Serial killers have more rights than parents.

  2. What does Marie Ellen Turpel-Lafond have to say about this case? She is the children's advocate for the province of BC.