Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sending Ayn Some Special Thoughts

We are thinking positive thoughts for you today Ayn, that...........

~ on Tuesday the judge will return you home where Daddy, Wyatt and Lyric are waiting for you. And I want you to know how hard Daddy, Mommy and a big group of people are working to get you back home. You are very loved and we want the best for you - which is to be at home with your Daddy
........... Carolyn Doherty

~ My thoughts for Ayn reach further than her return (which is coming soon) and into her life's journeys. My wish for her and all people with disabilities is that they never again suffer at the hands of ignorance of their disorder. And beyond this wish, that she and all of us not only are understood but also accepted and valued for who we are as individuals
...........Karla Fisher

~ you are returned today! and that you have a big celebration dinner!!
.............Renee Allard

~ you remain safe until you return to your family. Your family, friends and strangers alike all pray for your immediate return. Ayn, you are a precious angel who is surrounded by a circle of love and hope.
......... Shauna Halliday Sullivan   

~ you  get to feel today's sunshine on your face and know that your daddy is coming for you as soon as he can!
.......... Sally Bretherton Comin 
~ although you've suffered, that suffering will not have been in vain because you'll have helped society to grow............. Rochelle Dolim     
~ you hold on tightly to that beautiful free spirit of yours, and never give up hope that Daddy's coming. I am sweetie... I love you
..........Derek Hoare 
~ that you'll one day understand how the world came together to help you get back to your daddy. Xx..........Shelly Williamson 
~ your wish of going to Daddy's house will come true very soon and that you will feel safe and happy when you are back where you belong
.............Sarah Leary

~ you will soon be home, Ayn, with your loving family, and comfortable and familiar surroundings, and that all the trouble and heartbreak - this nightmare created by MCFD - will be a distant memory, replaced by the laughter and joy of being with those who truly do love and care for you
...........Mea A. Jones
~ you are so very brave little one. Daddy will be there soon to bring you home..............Jen Travers

~ that you wish will come through and you will be going to your home where the best daddy in the world is for your beautiful young lady that you are keep smiling I just love your dimple Ayn, and let not forget your loving mommy and your two loving brothers also so you could giggles with all loving family XOXO..............Geralda Cyr 

~ you realize that you are never alone. There are thousands of us out here with you in our hearts and on our minds. You are such a beautiful little girl and Daddy will be coming soon. Kisses sweetie..........Lynda Thexton Willson

~ you will SOON be HOME where you BELONG and will receive the love, caring and security you should NEVER have been denied
.............Victoria Ettinger
~ all of the above come true for you!...........Jean Nicol


  1. We all think of you every day, Ayn and wait for the day when you will be back home with your family!

  2. Ayn, I don't know you, but I know for sure you're daddy loves you up to the moon and back. That means a lot. I wish you happiness, and freedom to be you, because you are perfect just the way you are... Carolyn in Iowa