Saturday, October 1, 2011


There will be some pretty substantial costs for Derek in the near future that he will need help with. It will likely be necessary to have expert witnesses and we all hope he will soon be successful in finding the best lawyer possible. For sure we are all feeling financial strain and have difficulty making ends meet, with seldom any or much left over.

Here are some ways you, maybe with family and/or friends, perhaps a church or community organization could do some fundraising to help. There is no donation too small, they will all add up and help:

Used book sale      Bake sale      Used toy sale      Talent contest      Car wash      Concert         

Dinner Theatre      Guest Speaker      Barbeque      Raffle (something very popular)

Bottle drive     Autism support group donation      Theater show (theatre donation)     

Skating Party (arena donation)      Tournament (every player pays $1)      Lemonade sale

Coffee Party      Yard Sale      Flea Market table      Starbuck’s Allowance

Tim Horton’s Allowance      Cost of a pack of cigarettes      Contents of your PayPal Account

Some of our Christmas Gift Money     Birthday $      Used Toy sale       Babysitting for a Friend

Having a Raffle      Declutter your house, sell items on e-bay       Car Rally     Bikers Rally

Penny Parade (school or community organization)       Dance - a -thon             

Movie (Theater Donation)     

Hot Dog/Hamburger Barbeque (Grocery Store Barbeque & donations

If you can think of other ideas please add them in a comment here or on the group page.


  1. What a great job you are doing Jean.

  2. Great ideas, Jean! It makes me wish I had some awesome talent that I could contribute to make money with. However, the contents of my Paypal account is already earmarked for Ayn, so yay!