Sunday, October 2, 2011


Day 121 with 8 donors we will have $ 248 at the end of the month............. we need MORE!

It is going to be very costly to pay for the best legal support and/or expert witnesses, we need to all pitch in to help with this any way we can, even for a small donation. As I write this, with 4 more members we will have 4000! If this many people made a small donation it would be awesome! Imagine if this many people did $1 a day! Even 1/2 of us doing $1 a day for Oct would mean $62000!

We had a great response from a group of 42 people who pledged to save $1 a day for the month. So we were thinking let's try this again for the month of October. Some folks put $1 in a can every day, others had a fundraising activity to raise the money and raised enough to contribute for several months! Or several people could work together on an activity. Be creative. This month it 31 days so that will be $31 contributed by each person.

Some ideas for raising this money might be:

Used book sale Bake sale Used toy sale Talent contest Car wash Concert Dinner Theatre
Guest Speaker Barbeque Raffle (something very popular) Bottle driveAutism support group donation Theater show (theatre donation) Skating Party (arena donation) Tournament (every player pays $1) Lemonade sale Coffee Party Yard Sale Flea Market table Starbuck’s Allowance    
Tim Horton’s Allowance Cost of a pack of cigarettes Contents of your PayPal Account
Some of our Christmas Gift Money Birthday $ Used Toy sale Babysitting for a Friend Having a Raffle Declutter your house, sell items on e-bay

If you can think of other ideas please add them in a comment here or on the group page.

I will start the list of Donors:

1) Jean Nicol
2) Lynda Thexton Willson
3) Mark Willson
4) Michele Nieves
5) Kathy White
6) Sarah Leary
7) Richard Prettie
8) Carolyn Slizys-Scholey


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  1. I have a very good feeling about this. I believe the response will be huge.Ayn's story has brought so many of us together! There is strength in numbers.