Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It has been many months since Derek Hoare has been able to share any news with us about Ayn. her mother's visits have gone from non existent to infrequent at best. Lately it has become difficult to come here everyday to change the date and the count of days Ayn has been away from her family. Today is Day 349 and none of us can imagine the pain this family has been made to endure these past 349 days.

For me personally the only way for me to relate to their pain is that which I have felt with the death of someone I loved. The pain of such loss, although less intense with time, can go on for many years, perhaps forever. What has been stolen from Ayn and her family can never be regained. They can't celebrate her 10th birthday or the Christmas of 2011. It will be a long time after she comes home to them, maybe not until February 2013, that the memories of this time apart will not haunt them all.

Thousands of people, globally, wait in hope and prayer that somehow a miracle can happen to end this horrific situation sooner than after the last court date set for February 2013. I guess we are hoping and praying that there is a person within the BC Government, MCFD itself who will see the senselessness of this situation and right the terrible wrong that has been done to this young child and her family.

On June 16, 2012 it will be the one year anniversary of Ayn's abduction. This never should have happened at all and the BC Government dares to say they put "families first" and they have the audacity to call this the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Canadian Government officials have chosen to do nothing. I am proud to be a Canadian but I am ashamed of our governments.

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