Saturday, March 17, 2012


by Mea Jones

The reason MCFD has so much power is that people have been led to believe that they really do care about the best interests of the child. If this were true, however, you would not see horrific cases of injustice such as what happened to the Bayne family (please Google: Paul and Zabeth Bayne and Fifth Estate), nor would you have such monumental injustice as what is occurring right now with a beautiful, sweet Autistic girl named Ayn, who was essentially stolen from her loving, caring and competent father, Derek Hoare.

Ayn has been in MCFD custody since June 2011, in the basement of a foster "parent" who gets paid very well. However, even though the foster parent gets paid very well, they still had another foster child administer drugs to Ayn and Ayn has escaped their custody, and once was found naked wandering on a main street. MCFD has acknowledged Derek is a good dad, and admitted there was no abuse or neglect.

We have blindly given MCFD so much power, yet they are completely unaccountable. Oh sure, the Representative for Children and Youth will get all up in arms when there is a freak murder or someone dues in foster custody. But MCFD doesn't really mind because the upshot of this uproar is always to get more money and power and sympathy for MCFD and those poor "overworked" social workers.

If parents knew how easy it is to lose their children, forever, and what the fate of the vast majority of children in MCFD custody really is (horrific, with a much greater chance of abuse/death than parental care), they would be shocked. The truth is, any nasty person, any social worker - for that matter - can call MCFD anonymously and make a false report and you could easily lose your child or baby forever. And this is an experience that is worse than a child's death.

So, the next time you read about how kids are getting taken away from their parents because they smoke or the kids are too fat or the parents aren't deemed intelligent enough, instead of cheering the "child protectors on, ask yourself this: if the government is such a great parent how come so many of the kids in their custody get murdered, abused in every way, grow up to be homeless, drug addicts, suicidal and incarcerated in such huge numbers?

Parental rights? You have none. Do some research and see what they've done to Derek Hoare and his daughter, Ayn. All in the best interests of the child. Right.

Blogger's note: I would suggest further reading on this subject and specifically “children’s rights” with this article by Ray Ferris who is a retired child-protection worker and the author of The Art of Child Protection
Ray Ferris: A British Columbia myth about the best interests of children 

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