Monday, March 5, 2012


So where to even begin.... as I am sure most would understand the last 8 ½ months have been beyond nightmarish. Tortuous does not begin to describe this either, the reality is that I have dedicated my life to my kids. I have dropped everything to ensure their happiness and development and to have this culminate in an attack by my own government, who has taken no time to understand my children or my family yet claim some authoritarian power over it is monstrous. To make matters worse this is being done under the guise of “help”. They throw around phrases like “child’s best interest” as if they empower them with some dictatorial aura, yet have no idea what those words even mean.

We are now 8 ½ months in..... 263 days..... and my daughter has yet to see an autism expert. The closest she came was a tertiary glance by their resident expert on day 45, who told them to not treat my child as a psych patient. I have requested the assessment, input and opinion of an autism expert since the very beginning, yet we continue to wait. How quickly they rushed to have her drugged and put into a psych ward, yet still have yet to enlist the expertise of an expert in her known, diagnosed condition... autism. I have spent dozens and dozens of hours trying to explain the situation to them, trying to explain how to appropriately treat a child with autism, to try to get them to understand the concerning behaviours of autism and how it was this terrible mistake was made.

Within the first six months Ayn had already had 4 different social workers, this fact has been used as a consistent excuse by MCFD who justifies their inaction and ignorance with a claim of “staffing issues”. And while I try to be empathetic to the daunting task faced by each new worker to get caught up to speed, the reality is that my child and family continues to languish whilst this persists. And rather than pick up where we left off with the previous social worker they simply want to begin anew, of course each time however we are further along in the unabating process.

MCFD continues to arrive to the variety of meetings uninformed, operating under a blanket liability protection which does not hold them to any standard of quality.

What I am about to type will require qualification and I will be drawing up an elaborate timeline of this whole ordeal to do so; however the reality is that MCFD has not done anything in terms of an investigation or a plan of care since Sept 20th, nothing. On Sept 26th they were granted a 22 day interim order to give them time to complete an investigation (which never happened), we are still operating under that interim order to this day... that is 159 days.... on a 22 day order. Now is the painfully slow judicial process to blame? No not really, it would be nice if the wait times were not as long as they are, but that is no excuse for MCFD to literally have done nothing in terms of my daughters care or keeping me informed of her well being. I have faced: broken promises, lies, threats, stonewalling, willful ignorance, silence... ohhh the silence.

Now as per the restrictions on my speech in regards to the Mar 2nd Mediation, I will try to elaborate on my understanding therein. Sect 24 of the CFCSA is quite clear that anything “obtained” in mediation must not be disclosed, so in essence anything NEW which was disclosed at mediation cannot be disclosed, except under a few circumstances which I likely do not meet, except arguably “d) if the disclosure is necessary for a child’s safety”. However until I get some further clarification on that point I will refrain from such disclosure. Now that does not mean I have to shut up or that anyone else does either, as a matter of fact screaming from the rooftops is one of the few recourses left available to us and I intend to use it.

With that said I am facing an escalating battle not an improving one, one which is taking place on many different fronts; my time on FB will be limited, my time in front of cameras or in print will be on the rise, and the time I need to spend studying will also continue to be pressed only to the limits of my fatigue. I ask for everyone’s help spreading the word about this and keeping up a dialog on how it is we got to this point and what we can do to inform others of what is happening, not simply in regards to Ayn, but to the “child protection system” which has strayed so far from its goal to now become an imposing threat to the safety of children and not the heroic saviour they would like to cast themselves to be. If the populace knew how this worked it would not be tolerated, and in fact will serve as a clear exemplification of why the granting of such powers under blanket liability protections is a terrible and dangerous thing.

So please please please, walk with me in this battle, in whatever capacity your individual talents endow. We have been setting up groups to facilitate this movement, and will need all the help we can get; what it will take is simply communication and coordination between everyone.

We love our kids, and we as their parents need to advocate for them.... to treat an issue as serious as the removal of a child(ren) with such casual disregard is not tolerable, my child is not a number....

Her name is Ayn... she has hopes, dreams, fears and loves.... I am one of them and I will not let her down.


  1. OMG, Derek. I am so sorry this happened to your family. When I saw this, I had to dig and find out where this had taken place. I was surprised to read it was in Canada (I thought for sure it had to be Florida! They are quick to rip kids from their homes, here). My own son was drugged by the state. I know that heartbreak, personally. My kids were born with Lyme Disease, because I went undiagnosed for many years. Lyme and it's many co infections, attacks physically and mentally. (Don't rule it out as a potential cause of your baby's autism). Keep up the pressure - gov'ts don't like to admit when they screw up! God help us all. <3

  2. Why was she taken? What happened that they say they are protecting her from? All I hear is what has happened since she was taken and put in hospital, how did she end up there in the first place?

  3. Ayn was taken from school on June 16, 2011 after her dad, Derek, refused to voluntarily give her up to CPS who came to their house. Although they had never observed #Ayn they felt the need to "lighten his load". They thought he must be have been overwhelmed parenting (full time stay at home dad) 3 children, 2 with autism. Four days prior to this #Ayn had wandered off, not uncommon for children with autism, and police found her a couple of hours later, playing in a neighbor's yard. You can read more detail at or don't hesitate to ask more questions. As a support group we have a fb group page at and a fb Page at

  4. Aaron and Christa FordTue Jul 31, 07:17:00 AM 2012

    Dear and Precious to God and Our Family, Derek and family,

    I just signed your petition and sent it to every friend on our facebook account, urging them to sign. Our daughter has had autism symptoms from age 2.5, and she looks a lot like your gorgeous daughter! I am heartbroken over this travesty,a nd will do whatever I can over here to fight for your cause. We have six children, aged 8 and under, and as you know, parenting is very busy, but I will be a prayer warrior for your daughter and you and your family!! The CPS system is totally corrupt, and completely un-monitored in that they have a blanket protection like you said. We encountered CPS a couple of years ago, and were found not guilty to negligence. This was during a great time of family illness where we couldn't keep up on our home well enough. We were very thankful to have the lion's mouth be kept closed, but you are right in the lions mouth so to speak, and we will pray for the absolute right outcome...foro her to be HOME with her Dad!! We will pray in Jesus' name, Amen!!

    1. Christa and Aaron, thank you for you comment, understanding, kind words and prayers. Thanks also for signing the petition and asking your friends to do the same. This is a global problem and needs a global response from all families who would not want this happening to them as well as those fighting to get their children back home safely.

  5. These thing are not just happening in Canada, the same issues are happening in the UK where children are being seperated from their families, it is a horrific situation for any parent to be in, especially when they have done nothing wrong and ask for help, but the system is corrupt, targets have to be met, also they have been given to much power and can act on a whim, no common sense involved. Me and my wife are going a struggle with the Social Services here in the UK, and they have lied on many occasion and been found out, but they seem to be untouchable, it is highly frustrating. I hope and pray that your situation is resolved soon, you will be in my thoughts and prayers until it is and for those who are going through similar situations may God guide you and give you peace.

  6. You too Ron and hopefully it won't be too much longer!

  7. I'm so sorry this happened to you, they took my kids last Oct, my trial is end of april, I hope I get a good judge. I had no idea before this happened to me that this was even possible that people can just walk into your life and rip it apart, take your babies and do what ever they want with them. I hope you get your baby back soon, don't give up!