Monday, March 5, 2012


by Kendra Pettengill

Do they impose a gag order before the mediation begins or after you have completed it? What could possibly be the consequences of refusing to agree to one...let's see..they have already taken your child away, failed to meet a single court date by law...made promises and then took them back, failed at every turn to negotiate in good faith, and set a final court date another year away, meaning you have probably lost your child for at least 2 years. Have they ever given a valid reason for removal in the first place? Have they ever stated what their overall goal here is, or is it simply to torment the family?

This entire thing is so beyond the pale of logic, reason, intelligence or any other rational thought process that it leaves one wondering as to the actual motives behind the entire thing. In the entire space of time since this began I have still yet to hear their actual reason for removal that could in any way be validated by legal or moral precedent. I have yet to hear one request by MCFD as to what might be done by any party to right the ship. I cannot even say they are drawing a line and then arbitrarily moving that line so that Derek can never meet it...I haven't heard of a line at all, ever in this case. Derek is simply left in limbo regarding his own child to flounder and flail about with no goal, purpose, or goalposts to meet or even shoot for in the future. The only terms for this are torture and torment. These are some sick sadistic *&^%$ who seem to get off on this crap.

I still stand amazed and stunned at the cruelty of my fellow human beings and our impotence to put a stop to it, no matter how hard we try or how badly we may want to change things. A single day never passes that I do not think, "There has to be a way" there has to be a method to reach someone in ultimate power that would demand answers.

So Derek is left at every step, hoping he is doing the right thing, wishing he had formal guidance to know so, and praying it will all come out in the end, no matter what miss-steps might be taken.

Meanwhile there are MCFD pulling strings attached to his arms and laughing at how they can make him twist and turn in agony, and apparently getting the biggest kick out of it, while they mumble under their breath, "don't ever $#% with us again Derek, do you understand now who has the power....we thought you might. Hahahahhaha".

It is humanly impossible to come out of this process whole or unscathed. It is the ultimate proof that the mandate of MCFD is to inflict as much damage as possible because this process can never ever be for the good of any child or family, even if there is real abuse, as the abuse from MCFD is much deeper and lasting.

I am not even related to this family and I feel wounded, damaged, as I too have a child on the spectrum, and they have in affect made every single one of us stop, pause, consider, worry, and fear that we may be next...if we dare challenge their authority to interfere in our home, challenge the school or make demands for our children that should be guaranteed by the law, or simply decide to care for our children outside the accepted iatrogenic paradigm. They have affectively made over 1 million people look over their shoulder every day, because they can take our child and they never need to justify it, validate evidence, or answer to a higher authority. They just repeat the mantra to government and media, sssshhhhhh we can't talk about it, protecting the child, the best interest of the us, we are the experts, we know what is best for your child, you, your family, society, we are in control here. And everyone is so hoodwinked that they must have a valid reason, that things must go on in secrecy for our own good, that even reasonable and learned judges simply rubber stamp the MCFDs rumors, heresy, and take their word for it, no matter how little real evidence, and simply believe that case workers are actually concerned about the welfare of the child.

All I can say is bless you Derek and Godspeed, because you are up against Evil.

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  1. Possibly its social workers the world over. I know that my interaction with local child welfare has left me feeling they are souless and without conciousness. My ASD daughter said something that was entirely taken out of context and now my family has been ripped apart. After several months they closed their case but still stipulate guidelines about who can and cannot see her. These people have no idea about ASD.