Thursday, October 31, 2013


The story began on June 16, 2011 when Ayn van Dyk was 11 years old. Since then thousands around the world have waited with hope and prayers that we would hear the happy ending we long for her family to enjoy!

For anyone unfamiliar with this story I would suggest you read Ayn's dad, Derek Hoare's account from the beginning until Jan 23, 2012

We have heard little from Derek since then as he struggles to deal with grief of this great loss for his family while caring for his two sons.

Twelve months later on Dec 4, 2012 just prior to long awaited court dates the Ministry of Child and Family Development, British Columbia, Canada along with Ayn's parents Amie van Dyk and Derek Hoare announced that Ayn would be going home to be with her family after she had been held unjustly in captivity for 536 days. There had never been any grounds to question their parenting skills, Ayn never needed their protection.

On Dec 7, 2012 Derek announced that an agreement was signed with MCFD on Dec 4 - Ayn would be coming home! 

We rejoiced and we waited.............................

On July 5, 2013 Amie van Dyk told us, "Today the Ministry presented another gradual return plan. This one is 13 weeks in length."  So by the end of September, 2013 this family would finally be reunited. Since the waiting had already been 107 weeks, 13 more could be tolerated, knowing Ayn would be spending time with both her parents to prepare for her move home. Strange that she needed no preparation when she was taken on June 16, 2011 but now there would be a 13 week transition. BUT she was coming home.......................

As I write today, Oct 31, 2013, Halloween ~ a day for all things scary, I pondered the thought that this story is the scariest! We have now been watching this family live the terror for 867 days worried about the safety and well being of their daughter. We are now 5 weeks beyond the 13 week plan for transition.

This morning Amie, Ayn's mom, tells us she continues to see Ayn and that they will be in court on Nov 5, 2013. I so admire her strength and her willingness through such difficulty to keep the world informed as we continue to wait with hope, praying for that happy ending.

I will be back soon with the happy ending................. Jean Nicol

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