Monday, July 1, 2013


Today is the third Canada that Ayn van Dyk has not be able to celebrate with her family.

I AM CANADIAN and should be celebrating our 146th birthday but not. Today I reflect on how our Governments across this great land (Federal, Provincial, Municipal) KNOWINGLY allow so many children's lives to be destroyed by the criminal actions of those they pay and empower to protect our children. 

When we seek to find justice we find another corrupt system that condones the actions of these criminals. Are there no Canadians with conscience within government who want to make this right? We are a country rich in resources and we should be caring for our greatest resource - our children!

A little girl with autism was unjustly stolen from her family by Child Protective Services 745 days ago. Within days a hospital report stated no signs of abuse or neglect. After holding her in captivity for 536 days the court date was canceled as they announced on Dec 4, 2012 that she would be going home to her family who had been good, loving parents. Now 209 days later, when they have still not taken her home, we learn there is a plan to move her to another foster house. The cruelty and crime being perpetrated against this child and her family is __________! (I am a loss for words here ~ what words would you put in the blank)

Since the very early days in this story back in the summer of 2011 all levels of Government have been kept very aware of this crime that has yet to be dealt with justly in our courts. 

HOW CAN I CELEBRATE the greatness of this country? Ayn van Dyk, who should be living with her family in Abbotsford, BC is just one child of thousands in this country being treated unjustly.

Please help me to help Ayn. Share a link to this story wherever you can, perhaps a viral message will shame our governments today and bring them to do whatever they can to right this wrong!

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