Friday, December 14, 2012


We love you!

Today, her 11th birthday should be a very special day with family and friends she loves. Alas, although she will soon be home, she will not be home for this birthday and no one will know how she is celebrating. We hope that something special is planned for Ayn today as many of her friends wish her happy birthday.

Ayn has quite a following of fans who have come to love her very much. Here are some of the wishes being sent from some facebook friends.

Jean Nicol  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYN! You will soon get the best gift ever - Daddy is coming to get you very soon!

Tina Marie Crain Happy Birthday Sweetie! So glad so many wishes are finally coming true for you and your family!

Suzanne Ross Birthday blessings to you Ayn! Praying this is a year of many many great things for you & your family!

Hayley Green Happy birthday Ayn!!! You have a whole world waiting to 'meet' you!! Sending love from the UK xx

Jen Travers    

Terri Stone Happy birthday Ayn , you will be home soon , best present ever.

Ashley Bridges-housman Happy Birthday sweetheart! My daughter is going to send you a card, even though we know it's going to be a while before you get it. We    you. Just hold on angel, Daddy is coming!

Sara Moroza-James happy birthday Ayn xxx

Lynne Jeffries Chamberlain Happy birthday Ayn u dont have long now before u will be home with your Dad and your brothers

Karen Gerrard Happy Birthday Ayn.. xx

Marion LeBlanc Wilson HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ayn.....    
Shelly Williamson    Happy birthday princess Ayn    

Debbie Woodrow Have a wonderful birthday Ayn, you are truly loved xxxx

Carla Gottwerth Wilking I hope this is THE best Birthday, and THE best Christmas ever.

Wendy Elizabeth Hart May this truly be a HAPPY Birthday! Much love from Ontario, Canada!      
Kerry Poirier Happy birthday sweet Ayn    from Cape breton ,Nova Scotia

Jen Price Happy 11th birthday, Ayn!!! From Hamilton, Ontario!

Misty Meyer I hope you have an incredible birthday,Ayn.You are truly an amazing and beautiful girl,who deserves the best.Soon you will be with your family and friends,and be able to celebrate properly!May God bless you and your family with tremendous blessings!

Sarah Leary Happy Birthday, Ayn! So many people all around the world are hoping you have a wonderful, fun day!

Gloria Shoeman Happy Birthday...

Nicole Blajaer Biegenzahn Happy Birthday beautiful girl! A girl who has touched the heart of thousands - a girl who will forever hold a very special place in so many! OXO

Make your wish one last time Ayn, it will soon come true!

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  1. Happy 11th Birthday Ayn. You hold a special place in my heart ♥ Laurie (from Ontario)