Monday, December 10, 2012


Yesterday Derek joined the ever faithful facebook supporters to give them more information about Ayn’s return home. We now understand very well how busy he must have been the past months when there were no updates to give us. Besides homeschooling Ayn’s two brothers and preparing for the trial that was to have started this past week, Derek has been working with the best professionals, the experts of his choice, to plan for Ayn’s return. Until this week, actually only 3 days before the court trial date, it had been possible that the trial may have lasted for 2 months. At this time Derek and the team of professionals who will work with him now want time to make sure they are prepared to provide Ayn with the best transition possible. We hope then that he is able to arrange for her return when he and his sons are prepared for her return.

Derek begins: 

Thank you for all the warm thoughts everyone, it is definitely a relief to be drawing so close to an end of this entire ordeal. Upon hearing this news I too was overcome with emotion and cannot even begin to describe how it felt to hear those words. Elation to say the least. Let me address some of the individual comments so as to avoid any speculation.

Over a year ago in Sept 2011 I offered three possible ways to overcome the issue of visitation with the Ministry. One was to put someone in my home (they refused since this is not within their mandate), second was to consult an autism expert ( they refused to be bound by those recommendations), thirdly was to give me a fixed return date so I could explain to Ayn when she would be coming home (this was initially accepted with a return time of 4 months, 3 days later they changed their minds and the idea was rejected). The agreement we reached on the 30th and the 4th, does utilize one of these ideas, as we have agreed to enlist the help of an autism expert. As many of you may recall towards the end of 2011 the focus came to be a hunt for experts as Ayn had yet to see an autism specialist since taken into care and I was asked to produce a proposal for the services I would like to see for my kids. 

It was at this time which I began to seek the services of a prominent British Columbian doctor, whose experience with autistic kids and their philosophy surrounding therapeutic treatment is both thoughtful and impressive. I sought to have this doctor involved in the treatment of Ayn. It is this doctor who we now place our trust in doing their very best to facilitate the return. 

The agreement reached is pretty much simply that. The details are few and the "strings" are not attached. The MCFD and myself have agreed to defer to that expert, as per medications... it is agreed that I will be removing her from them upon her return. The only obligations placed upon me are that 1) I utilize the services which have sought. 2) that I consent to the release of information regarding my progress thereof to the ministry. That's it. So to end much speculation, for all intensive purposes there are no strings attached.

And then Derek answered some questions:

As per timeframe I think that we have to have consultations with them to see what their thoughts are on this subject. I have agreed to "engage and participate" with them, I will do so, and believe there will be a meeting this week to go over what we want to get done prior to her return. The timeframe is open ended technically but we do not expect it will be very long, I am going to speculate that it will be over one month but less than three.

I suppose there is technically a chance that it could be before christmas, ie. that is not precluded. However I think that it is highly unlikely unfortunately. I believe we are going to set up a program with Lyric and once up and running Ayn will come home. The program will be an intensive ABA program which will involve the hiring and training of Behavioural Interventionists, given the time of year that may prove difficult in terms of scheduling.

I whole-heartedly agree that Ayn should be returned immediately, however I have bound myself to the advice of my chosen professional and will honour that. He is wise and will no doubt be very thoughtful in whatever and however he chooses to implement her return. And really the "expert" is not specifically limited to one person as this clinic has a number of professionals whose opinions we will be drawing upon. They not only offer behavioural consultation but also speech and language therapy and psychological services, amongst others. I am very happy and excited to have them working with my kids.

Yes I have discussed the return with Wyatt and Lou already, Wyatt ofcourse is very excited and Lyric though not grasping what exactly that means is proudly wearing his Ayn shirt as he clearly has not forgotten her and misses her dearly, and its really the only shirt he wants to wear, the only one he wants me to wear as well for that matter 


And so the end begins. We will hope for news soon that Derek and his family have been reunited with Ayn. Until then we can rest assured that Derek is in control again of providing a loving , nurturing environment for all his children, where they will continue to thrive. Once Ayn is home we will understand and respect their need for privacy as they rebuild their lives together.
Ayn, Daddy is coming!

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  1. This is wonderful new, Derek. It's still terribly tragic. Poor Ayn was taken from her father abruptly and held for a year and a half for no good reason. She was drugged. And now they're letting her come home with a deal that is something you should have been given before they took her away. What a travesty!

    Congratulations, Derek! You have clearly handled this incredibly well. Your wisdom has gone a long way - and Ayn is going home to a father both wise and loving.