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On September 19, 2012 Ron Unruh wrote DEREK LOVES HIS DAUGHTER OH SO WELL and received a challenging response from someone unknown! I always have to wonder the reason for one to hide behind the signature “Anonymous”. Ron brought this comment to Ayn’s parents Amie and Derek who had these responses.

In response to the question of why Ayn wasn’t placed with her mom when taken from her father Amie replies, “As to why Ayn is not with me now... I have been ABLE and WILLING to take Ayn from the beginning. There would have been details to work out (eg. I live in a one bedroom). I assure you, rather than having my only daughter being drugged in foster care, I would have worked out the details."

Derek's response to questions are as follows:

"To begin with I would say to Anonymous I can appreciate your questioning the details of this case and in fact do very much welcome it. Your questions are certainly valid, however it would be far more objective if you waited for a response before casting judgement upon Ron's objectivity.

Now as per your question "Derek says the dosage is twice the amount recommended. However, is Derek a pediatrician or a child psychiatrist?" This is actually untrue I have never said that, what I have done is quoted the prescribing doctor who first saw Ayn after removal. She was placed into acute psychiatric care and I have extensively quoted her discharge papers which were provided to me. MCFD would not attach this hospital report to their affidavit so in order to get it before the courts I had to attach it to mine. Here is the quote directly from the report itself, which was written by the Doctor: "chlorpromazine 75mg PO q4h PRN, 10 dose prescription given (note: this dose can only be given twice per 24h, as technically the maximum dose for her size is not much more than 75mg daily!" The exclamation point is the Doctors not mine.

As a side note I would urge those curious to review several other quotes taken from the hospital report: such as: "We saw no bruises or evidence of physical abuse, and her body status (weight, height, vital signs) showed no evidence of neglect." "She is autistic" "Pediatrics consult by Dr. ***** revealed a normal, healthy young girl with no physical concerns" (I am withholding the doctors names for their privacy) "Ayn was occasionally aggressive as she was expecting to go home."
Now as per Chlorpromazine and its description as a chemical lobotomizer, this is due to two factors firstly it replaced the physical lobotomy's which were being performed at the time and secondly due to its similar effects on the frontal lobe's activity. "The blunting of conscious motivation, and the inability to solve problems under the influence of chlorpromazine (Thorazine) resembles nothing so much as the effects of frontal lobotomy. . . Research has suggested that lobotomies and chemicals like chlorpromazine may cause their effects in the same way, by disrupting the activity of the neurochemical, dopamine. At any rate, a psychiatrist would be hard put to distinguish a lobotomized patient from one treated with chlorpromazine." - Peter Sterling, neuroanatomist, article Psychiatry's Drug Addiction, New Republic magazine (March 3, 1979)" One need only do minimal searching to locate the information on this drug which was marketed as a "chemical lobotomy"

Now in answer to your third question it can be answered quite simply, Amie was not considered for custody as no relative was, and just as no foster home in the province was, Ayn was deemed unsuitable for foster care. Ayn was removed under the pretext that she was suffering from some undiagnosed 2nd condition, one which was never named, but she was portrayed and treated as an acute mental patient in urgent need of help, by MCFD. This is so troubling because though I rationally disputed this and the acute psychiatric hospital refused to keep her finding no other condition than autism the MCFD continued to pursue a path of psychiatric treatment. Telling me bluntly that they were still going to pursue it but would simply seek a placement within a residential psychiatric facility, it was not until their own autism specialist, a Dr, said that they could not do that as Ayn was simply autistic that they relented, this was not until day 45. Which also begs the question why was she not returned with apologies at that time. Amie as well as many others close to us would have gladly taken Ayn in the interim to avoid the nightmare she was put through, unfortunately the decision was not ours it was the decision of the MCFD and they refused to consider placement with any of our family members.

If one could only imagine the pain it brings to know that your child and their beautiful mind has been assailed by a chemical at twice the dose which was designed to mimic a lobotomy. Daddy's coming. ............... heartbreaking"

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  1. I have been following these blogs and praying for your sweet child. My husband and I have 5 kids 3 of which are on the spectrum 2 of those daughters. Its heart breaking what is happening to your family. I wanted to let you know that I am praying for Ayn ....My daughter Megan has been so hard but as you know these kids are as wonderful as they are hard. I cant imagine what my life would be without my Megi or Caili. Keep fighting Ill keep praying because she still needs you! (((hugs))) Arlene Misner