Sunday, November 27, 2011


How often have you said or heard it said, “There are two sides to every story!” Most of us likely have life experiences that would indicate this to be true most of the time. I think we can be pretty sure that there are two sides to the story about Ayn Van Dyk being abducted from school, drugged and placed in foster care for now 165 days.

We know one side of the story and if you don’t yet you will by the time you read “PLEA FOR AYN”, Derek’s updates and other blog entries here. But this is only one side of the story and you may not be believing it without hearing the other side of the story.

This is a true story.

Child Protective Services takes a child into custody we suppose, and have always believed, because the child needs protection. However this would not seem to be so in this case as CPS has left the two sons of Derek Hoare (one who is autistic) in his capable and loving care. They have no questions about his parenting skills or the safety of the boys.

Yes, Ayn did wander away to a neighbours yard several days before she was abducted from school by CPS but that couldn’t be the reason for their concern as she has wandered from foster care more frequently (twice in a month) than she did from home and she was not removed from the foster home. Actually one time she wandered while in respite care from the foster home. The second time she climbed out a small bathroom window in the foster home. At the time she was unsupervised while bathing so when she ran on the main street she was naked. The bathroom window was not locked as her father had advised would be necessary to ensure her safety.

We do know a bit about events of concern while Ayn has been in foster homes but we do not know the other side of the story yet. Even after 165 days, MCFD has not been forthcoming with their side of the story as to why Ayn is not at home with her family. Nor has Ayn's father or anyone else been able to speak on behalf of the family or Ayn. Perhaps this might happen on January 23 - Day 222 of Ayn's captivity!

This is a true story and truly an unbelievable story.

A child is suffering and being kept from her family. Her 10th birthday is in 17 days on December 14 and Christmas is 11 days later; two very special occasions for this family when they should all be celebrating together.

It is truly an unbelievable story.

Would someone, anyone, at MCFD please have the conscience, empathy and courage to step forward and do the right thing for this innocent little girl and her family?

We are all waiting to hear the other side of the story!

Let's bring the laughter and love back into this little one's life!


  1. Please MCFD if you are reading this have her home by her birthday. You do have the power to do that! Have a heart. You know Derek is a good parent, she is missed by him. her brothers and by Amie. She is not in need of protection, nor was there any signs of abuse or neglect. PLEASE, SEND HER HOME.

  2. The long wait to hear both side is the biggest crime against the family by the state that can be imagined.

    Cristie Clark's mantra of improving lives of families seems awfully hypocritical in this light.

  3. 166 days she's been gone--It hurts my heart so much to even type that. I ache daily for this child and her family, and I don't even know them. The pain they have all been subjected to is so unimaginable and so unnecessary. Every day apart is one day too long, one more day of psychological and emotional damage done. SEND HER HOME.