Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Is A Month For Remembering

In November we take time to remember all those who have fought so that we might live in Peace with Freedom. We especially remember all those who have fought in wars for this effort and all who supported their efforts working here in Canada. Let us not forget.

In keeping with the theme of Remembrance I would like to present an idea to remember those loved ones who have died, that we know surely would have wanted to support the efforts to bring Ayn home; to have her with her family who will provide her with the Peace and Freedom that is so rightfully hers and that has been stolen from her.

Here we can write a note in honor of a loved one; perhaps someone whose influence in your life has brought you here to this group, to support Derek and Ayn.

Write your personal Remembrance note in a comment and I will add them to the blog every morning.

Perhaps you would also like to make a donation to Ayn's Freedom Fund in memory of the loved one you write about; it can be any amount and your choice of payment method (see https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforayn/doc/160505254022970/ for this information)

We will continue this for the month of November.

In memory of my friend Hugh Hale, who died on Oct. 29, 1992,, who introduced me to “autism” 28 years ago I would like to donate $20.00 to Ayn’s Freedom Fund.............Jean Nicol

In memory of my mother Mary Nicol, who died Dec. 12, 1994 and who I know would have wanted to make this donation of $20.00 to Ayn’s Freedom Fund.................Jean Nicol


  1. Jean, I think this is a lovely idea. I'm sure that your mom & Hugh would both be very proud of you for all you are doing to fight for Ayn and all the children of our land who could be taken from their parents without a timely, appropriate process to fight that decision. Blessings to you!!

  2. Bless your heart, Jean, for standing up for children and families.

  3. Jean, you're amazing.

  4. Thank you Jean an excellent idea. Both my grandfathers were just too young for WWII and too old for the Korean war. However my admiration for those young men who have fought our freedom many giving their lives is tremendous. Much of my love of history comes from hearing the inspiring tales from friends of my grandparents and Hollywood. As a young child and into adulthood I have taken a very keen interest in both the Great wars and their preceding events. I have the utmost respect for each person who stood up, not for power or conquest; but to defend us from what twice inspired to be a global Dictatorship. Each successive generation faces the prospect of being called to defend the freedom of their friends, neighbours and countrymen. And so often young men and women from around the world rise up for just that purpose honourably. Leading up to remembrance day I do hope everyone can take some time to think about those choices faced by these young heroes. Many died or stared it in the face, it is unfortunate we can never truly remember each of their stories. Yet we can ensure their choice was not made in vain, seeking happiness and continuing to preserve that freedom which they fought for so bravely.