Monday, June 17, 2013


Two years ago, this beautiful 9 year old child with autism was stolen from her family by Child Protective Services in Abbottsford, BC, Canada. In Dec 2012, after 536 days of Ayn being held in captivity, the BC Ministry of Child and Family Development stated that Ayn was never in need of their protection, dad's parenting skills were never in question and she would be soon going home to her family.

This was a picture taken of Ayn not long after she was abducted.

It has now been 731 days since Ayn was abducted from school. She has missed many happy days where she thrived with her family including 2 birthdays, 2 Christmas celebrations, 8 birthday celebrations for her parents and 2 brothers at home while she was living alone in a basement suite of a foster house with paid staff to watch her while the foster parents (very well compensated financially) worked and went about their daily lives.

With constant crying for Daddy, Ayn was given a picture of Daddy, Derek Hoare.

The BC Government is ultimately responsible for this travesty (and many others like it) ~ they are all very aware of and ignoring Ayn's story while collecting thousands of dollars of federal funds monthly to pay for depriving her of the happy family life she has a right to enjoy. Oh, and our Federal Government, including Mr. Harper the Prime Minister of Canada, are very aware of the many children in similar situations being denied their basic human rights with no consideration of justice.
It has now been 195 days since thousands of supporters celebrated the announcement that Ayn was coming home................ she is still waiting for this joyous occasion!
A recent picture we have of Ayn on a visit with her mom, Amie van Dyk.

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