Tuesday, February 21, 2012


By Teena Young

Ayn is just a little girl, taken from her only world.

Little Ayn is only nine, but yet they have her doing time.

In a world she does not know, they still refuse to let Ayn go.

If we could only make them see, the best thing is to let Ayn be.

Her family loves her very much, now not even a loving touch.

Little Ayn needs their hugs, not those so called calming drugs.

She needs her family more than ever, this family tie they shouldn't sever.

Little Ayn must be so scared, there was no way to be prepared.

Little Ayn needs to know, her family will not let this go!

So PLEASE help undo this wrong , for little Ayn it has been way too long....

Her future is yet unknown, for they have not sent her home.

We ask for help once again, for Ayn is no longer nine, she now is ten...

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