Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yesterday, until mid afternoon Pacific Time, many lingered on the facebook group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforayn/  waiting to hear what we all hoped for – the news that Ayn would soon be taken home where she should be.................... However, we were not going to get the news we had all prayed for. Here is Derek’s message to us last night.

We arrived early for the case conference which was set to begin at 10:45. It started a bit late, likely closer to 11. The meeting is in an informal setting at a round table where all parties are to discuss the situation as it stands, what the hang ups are and how we can move forward from here. Time is very short so all points are made in extreme brevity, I tried my best to outline some of my frustrations and concerns.

I did not walk away with any greater understanding of MCFD's position, though they were questioned about it many times. My understanding of the "conference" before entering was that it was my chance to finally get the judicial process to the point where I can argue my position before an unbiased judge. In that it was successful, there was alot of pressure to put off the trial and wait until after mediation. However, I was adamant that I wanted that opportunity.

It was very emotional for me, I cried several times, and tried to get them to see the harm they were doing to a beautiful girl and her loving family. My lawyer requested a brief recess towards the end to try to reduce my emotions, upon my return I did get them to agree to a trial. With that we set off to the court clerk to find some available dates.... well my lawyer did, I went outside where my emotions again poured out rather embarrassingly. A group member did happen to pop in and was right there to let me cry on their shoulder.

I then went in to sign off that I had received my dates (yet another pink slip); but this one was different it was the finishline, win or lose it will be the end. So here they are: Oct 23rd- pretrial, Dec 7th- Trial begins, Jan 30th 2013 second trial date, Jan 31st third, Feb 1st fourth, Feb 14th fifth, and finally Feb 15th completion (this could elongate mind you). So now finally we can see the end of the judicial process, a year away but we can see it. This does not mean that the ministerial process is over but that the oversight of the courts has reached its point where a trial is set to determine the justifiability of this.

I am meeting with the new SW on Wed, where I do hope to discern where this process is headed from here in terms of the ministry, I hope to continue where it had left off but as of yet I am still in limbo.

I do know that are going to begin drafting a counter proposal to offer me, but I have to wait weeks longer for that to complete, it is "hoped" that it could be done by Feb 24th, a week prior to my Formal mediation which is scheduled for March 2, I believe.

So tonight I ponder what to do and where to go from here, lots of possibilities lie before me and I am sorting through it all. Will be posting more and am hopeful that I'll get lots of input and advice from everyone.
BLOGGER'S NOTE: For the coming year Ayn and her family are going to need as much support as possible to do what needs to be done to ensure Ayn is returned home as soon as possible. Please show your support by joining our facebook support group https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforayn - just joining the group is an indication of your support. If you want to actively participate in the group as well, you will be warmly welcomed.
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  1. This is an injustice that we cannot accept. It is time to organize local and global Rallies for Ayn's Return. This is truly tyranny - let's show MCFD and the politicians who's the boss.

    - Mea Jones

  2. I am amazed that in this day, a country as large and progressive as Canada can take away a child from her home and keep her for months on end. Then when the family finally had their time to respond, it is but a brief open and closed meeting during which the government unilaterally proclaims it will keep this child for at least another year. Childhood goes by fast enough, how can you defend keeping Ayn in residency with strangers for a large portion of her childhood, and away from her loving father and siblings?
    M. S. Maysenhalder

  3. :( I have no words, and I'm so sad.

    How can all of this take so long to proceed?

    Our society has completely failed if this if what happens to families. In the life of a small child, a year is an eternity. And it's a time that shapes the rest of their life.

    I feel guilty because I get to sit here at home with my family. I'm scared and horrified that this can happen to anyone.

    I'm thankful that Ayn has such a loving family who is willing to fight for her. And
    I'm hopeful when I see the growing number of people who are supporting Derek and his family.

    I'd heard of a few cases here and there, but this one is the one that opened up my eyes and made me take a close look at child protection issues. Change needs to happen.

  4. AnonymousJan 21, 2012 10:06 PM
    Ayn is a beautiful little girl who is already dealing with the daily stress of living with autism. For the past 7 months she has had the added confusion and heartbreak of not knowing or understanding why she cannot be home with her daddy and brothers. This case NEEDS to be rectified NOW so that this family can begin the healing process of the anxiety and trauma of forced separation.

    Victoria Ettinger

  5. Sending Prayers for Ayn, her family and all concerned. Prayers for the Highest Good.

  6. They have essentially kidnapped this child, held her captive and now they want to put everything off for another year?

    Is there no way to get some sort of international press/legal people in on this case?

    This case needs to be rectified NOW, NOT later, NOW. This family and dear child need to be compensated for the lapse of judgement the officials in this case exercised and probably contributed to any regressions, side effects, etc due to the meds, and not being able to see her family.

    Something needs to change, and now.

    Please send Ayn home!!