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It is April 2, 2014 and everyone is still waiting to hear some good news that Ayn is coming home. Most importantly Ayn has been waiting for now 1021 days to see her daddy and her brothers who love and miss her very much. The ache in their hearts must be unbearable. Still there appears to be no reasonable explanation for why so many suffer the pain of loss this great................


It is Nov 30, 2013 and everyone is still waiting ~ AYN IS STILL WAITING after missing her family for 897 days. Her family is still working tirelessly to get her home again. To that effort they will be returning to court on Dec 19th. Let us all keep positive thoughts and pray for the best possible outcome in 19 days. This little girl enjoys frequent visits with her mom but she needs to be home with her family permanently.

Yesterday, Dec 7, 2012 after Ayn had been waiting for 539 days her Daddy, Derek Hoare was finally able to make this announcement

"I have some big news, which will be difficult to explain in a single post, I will get online this weekend to elaborate. Ready... Ayn is coming home! an agreement was signed on tuesday for her return. it is a sect 60 agreement with no finding of a need for protection. I cannot explain the flood of emotions we are experiencing. I am ofcourse elated and will come online in a day or two, I'm tediously typing this on my phone but will spend much more time when I come on. Thank you so very much everyone."

This is a story about a tragic event that should never have happened at all!

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Once you choose hope, anything's possible.
~Christopher Reeve

I began this blog on September 1, 2011 and would not have believed I would be here writing this today, August 28, 2012 ~ 12 months later. This family who love each other so much have now been separated for 438 days. There are many blog postings here for you to read but I would direct you first to http://www.freedomforayn.blogspot.ca/2012/04/from-beginning-of-story.html You will wonder why the last date of reporting was in Jan 2012 and the only reason is that there has been nothing else to report. That's right, there has been no positive movement on the part of MCFD, Derek has had no reports about his daughter. This is totally unacceptable!

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all.

~Emily Dickinson

Please READ http://www.sendspace.com/file/p5ytf9 where I have consolidated Derek's writings/updates from the beginning

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Derek Hoare on Global News with BC Ted Chernecki – July 20, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQNjmQsIBKQ&feature=player_embedded
Derek Hoare talks to Ezra Levant with Sun News Network http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frqD2qVc2kg&feature=player_embedded

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  1. Like Jean, I didn’t know Ayn or Derek or even know they existed until I came upon the Facebook page he created on the day Ayn was taken from him. His story made my heart ache. It made me feel sick to my stomach thinking of how alone and frightened Ayn must be. It made me furious that those who are trusted with looking after our most vulnerable citizens weren’t even attempting to fulfill their mandate. It made me feel so disillusioned that this was happening in MY Canada. It fueled in me a passion for justice that had lain dormant for a long time.

    Like Jean, I now feel like I know Ayn and her family well. I’m sure if I had met Ayn under “normal” circumstances, I would have been taken with this remarkable little girl. Instead, stories and photos of beautiful Ayn, and Derek’s ongoing updates have created a permanent place for her in my heart. She is amazing, and her father’s love and dedication is awe inspiring. Taking Ayn from her loving family and drugging her into submission was wrong. Giving her back to Derek and allowing him to take her off the drugs is right. It seems so simple, but over the last several months Derek has found out that it is not going to be simple, or quick or inexpensive to get his daughter back.

    Like Jean, I know Derek cannot win this battle alone so we are doing what we can to help. The opponents have all the power and hold all the cards. However, there truly is strength in numbers, and if we stand beside Derek and insist that justice be done it can be achieved. The powers that be can ignore Derek’s voice, but they cannot ignore all of us speaking the same message, in the same voice. Each one of us who speaks up makes the message that much louder and that much stronger. Ayn has clearly and persistently expressed what she wants and needs: “Want to go to Daddy’s house”; “No! I want to go see Daddy”. It is up to each of us, all of us, to make this a reality for her. Together we can get her message heard and get her home where she belongs. It is a battle worth fighting.

  2. I am not related to Ayn. I am simply a concerned mother who, after spending many months involved with this case, is doing everything I can to raise awareness, and hopefully facilitate a speedy resolve of this horrific violation of this families rights.

    Derek, Ayn's father, was never accused of abuse or neglect.  His other two children were not removed from his home (one who also has autism).  MCFD “felt” he was overwhelmed, so they removed his beloved little girl from her school on June 16, 2011. 

    They put Ayn into a hospital and gave her very strong psychotropic drugs to control her, and make her “easier to manage” (against her parent’s wishes, and contrary to her diagnosis of autism).  She is now in a foster home (in a basement suite); still being drugged; receiving improper care and  protection; and her parents have been denied any semblance of reasonable due-course --- the very FIRST interviews with household members took place 97 days after Ayn’s devastating removal.

    Ayn’s Human Rights have been violated by the MCFD, and our goal is to get Ayn home with her dad where she belongs. (Note: the Director could give an order to return her today.)  Additionally, soon after that, we would like to make sure this will never happen to another child again.  It is terrifying to think anyone could “legally” take your child, and force you to wait over 5 months for a chance in court to argue why the child should not have been removed.

    We need your help. Ayn needs your help!  We don’t know where to turn to get this situation resolved.  Ayn has been away from her dad and brothers and her home, and everyone and everything she loves that gives her comfort and security, for more than 3 months!

    We all MUST demand: ♥ Freedom for Ayn ♥

  3. How? How can this even happen in this world? I am so sad - tears streaming down my face... How can someone do such a thing? While I feel for the dad, my heart goes out to this little angel where her world was shattered when they took away her security and comfort living with her Daddy. It is my prayer that she will one day be able to communicate her words about this... whether they be in pictures, on paper, on the screen, in sign or perhaps in vocal speech. Only then - will it never happen again!!! I will read everything and try to help in any way I can. Is there something specific I can do with respect to having a list of known "to-do's"? If not, I will start and read the history - every single word and see what I can do to try and help - if anything... but I will try.

  4. This is good online recounting of Ayn's story and that of her family. Keep it up. The Visuals add a great deal to the presentation so thanks.
    I too, write for them and advocate Ayn's return from this necessary removal and incarceration.
    Dr. Ron Unruh

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  7. Derek,i just wanted 2tell U CONGRATS on being able2get Ayn back!!!!! May You&Yours have the best Christmas ever!!!!! PEACE&LUV&BLESSINGS!!!!!!! 1HoosierMommy

  8. Jean, thank you for everything you've done for that family so badly wronged by the ministry that is supposed to help families in need, not to inflict more pain and damage on them. How long will this government-sponsored race to the moral bottom last?

  9. All I have done for the past 60 days is read "Ayn is coming home"! It has been 60 days since MCFD agreed to send this child home to her family where she belonged. Hopefully she will not have to wait much longer. The good news is that she is having bi weekly visits at her mom's home - this is progress! Someone should have to pay for this crime!